Reflection On Nursing Practice

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As we are at the end of this class, I reflect on what I have learned and what I will take with me and use in my nursing practice, I came to a conclusion that this course has helped me to better myself. It has taught me very valuable skills that I will take not only to my professional life but also to my personal as well. Along with expanding my knowledge of nursing research, there were also topics throughout this course that I found not only to be exciting to learn about but also instrumentally useful. For example, what I most appreciate from this class is that it showed me how to evaluate the research. In today’s day and age – in a world of technology - most of the information lays at our fingertips and sometimes research findings can be mixed or even conflicting. The ability to decipher which research is valid, reliable, and evidence-based is one of the fundamentals that can help me to know whether evidence can be applied in my nursing practice or not. Today, the complexity of patient care demand from nurses to apply the knowledge …show more content…
I was scared and anxious. This course helped me to believe in myself and gave me more self-confidence. Now, I am not afraid even to conduct (on a small scale) my own research someday. This course was more than just a class that I have to go through and pass in order to achieve an educational goal. It made me look at myself and identify what my strengths and weaknesses are. In addition, this class gave me the necessary strategies and tools to improve my weaknesses. With the help of those tools, I will work on and improve myself. Someone once said that “Life is a journey.” I do believe that if I keep learning and improving, not only I will better myself as a nurse but also as a person. This will benefit the patients that I am taking care of while simultaneously making me a good example for my children, friends, and

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