Importance Of Primary School Teaching

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Commerce Assessment-Primary School Teaching
The occupation that I have chosen is Primary School Teaching. This interests me as I have many siblings at home and I help out with their homework and assessments. I also enjoy watching younger children learn and strive to be their best. This also attracts me as their annual pay is above average and will help out with everyday expenses. I enjoy helping out with other children and having a large impact of being a source of their education. I enjoy education for myself and I would like to see my teaching give a larger impact among younger children. I can help out as I am an easily understandable person and will be giving all my hard effort within the education of the children.

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Though qualities and skills that can deal with children such as being able to understand the child’s way of learning and the management of the child’s behaviour. You are needed to create your own way of teaching that will get into the young one’s brains but has to be engaging so they are involved with the classroom. A good teacher establishes the main and specific objectives that will work for the children during the class. Discipline is yet another subject to discuss upon as this can lead towards the behaviours of the children. Another skill that is necessary towards any form of teaching which includes primary school teaching includes time management and planning, therefore this can show an effect of study and increase work habits for …show more content…
Therefore teachers become more happier with their job and makes the actual job of teaching more enjoyable.
Within the topic of flexibility, Teachers and especially new teachers that have recently got hold onto this job are able to fit life and study with work. This is great as it gives the teacher the necessary time they need in order to get things that need to be done finished. As i have mentioned study previously, some or many other teachers are or may be doing other university courses in order to achieve a higher goal such as a principal or a headteacher of a specific item. Therefore they don 't have to feel so cramped and stressed when it comes towards study.
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