Maddington Primary School Case Study

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Maddington primary school (MPS) is a small, metro, government school located on Albany Highway south of Perth. The school is situated on 4.98 hectares and shares the site with the Maddington Education Support Centre. It was established in 1914 and parts of the buildings architecture still reflect the time, but also has a new Early Childhood centre built onto the school.
MPS has a total of 15 teaching staff on site with 12 having a full time equivalent. There is also 15 non-teaching staff at the school and these range from the gardener, chaplain, educational assistants and special needs assistants.
Each classroom has interactive whiteboards and IPad for educational purposes. In addition to this, the school has a computer laboratory with
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In fostering this development, our school values reflect the rich diversity of its community and promote positive involvement and interaction between students, staff and parents. The school also continues to strengthen its working links with the wider community in order to maximise the educational opportunities for all students.”
Community and Family
Parental participation is encouraged in classroom programs, particularly in junior classrooms. Voluntary assistance is also given in the school library, sports and special days. A fortnightly newsletter keeps parents informed of the school 's activities and events. Assemblies are held twice a term with each class conducting an assembly. The school has an active School Council, and a Parents and Citizens Association. These are all shared with the Maddington Education Support Centre.
There are 210 enrolments at MPS with 115 being boys and 95 being girls. From this enrolment figure, 10% have an indigenous background and 41% have a language background over that

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