Teach For America's Urban Education: A Case Study

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One of the most prominent alternate teacher certification programs designed to address the growing achievement gap is Teach for America. The idea of Teach for America was launched by founder Wendy Kopp in 1989. She was then a student at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International affairs pursuing a Bachelors of Art degree. As a part of her degree requirements, Kopp completed her thesis on nation teacher corps. Upon graduation, Kopp began working on turning her teacher organization into a reality.
The mission of the national teacher corps was to rescue and reform schools in America’s urban education centers from what was thought of as having inferior teaching and training. She received initial financing and
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The lowest percentage of Teach for America teachers was in the Midwest, 14%. Employing Teach for America teachers can become expensive for schools and school districts. Recruiting and training replacements for teachers who are constantly leaving the profession involves on-going financial costs. Districts pay Teach for America a fee per corps member per year resulting in on-going expenditures. Teach for America teacher can cost a school district as much as $5, 000 per recruit per year. It cost society more to employ 100 Teach for America teachers, about $6,044,000 more, than to hire 100 non-Teach for America teachers (Heiling & Jez, …show more content…
The selection process often neglects minorities, due to the fact that elite universities are majority white (Lapayese, Aldana, & Lara, 2014). In 2009, Teach for America received 35,000 applications for 4,000 available spots within the cohort (Teach for America Press Kit, 2009). Individuals who are accepted into the Teach for America Program embodies the organizations views about necessary characteristics needed to be successful in the teaching profession, such as a rigorous academic record, high grade point average, and proven leadership skills. The Teach for America recruits stand out as academic achievers. The members have an average SAT score of 1310 and a grade point average of 3.5 (Lapayese, Aldana, & Lara,

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