Teacher Radar Essay

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This purpose of this article is to discuss the concept of “teacher radar” for use in class management, class control, and discipline. This article is to help teachers in understanding the concept of teacher radar and use specific strategies for enhancing teacher radar. In addition to comprehend the signals sent by students and know the meanings and ways to proactively react to the signals. To increase class management techniques by understanding and employing early intervention radar techniques and enhancing the student learning environment by developing the teacher radar.
Developing a teacher radar in which one wants to improve their ability to manage, motivate, control and enhance a student learning then it`s essential that the teacher develop
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In other words, teachers should remain engaged with their students. Students should be able to see and hear the teacher at all times. They want to be able to feel teachers’ eyes on them and know who they are. But teachers who are disconnected, from students are those with their backs turned, not speaking to them or for the extended period of time, having low energy, noticing only the best and those who are the worst students. Not being loud so that your voice can be heard, and focusing on one particular student or small groups of students. Thus disengaging themselves from the class as a whole. When a teacher is positioned and far from a teacher, any student can be held accountable for his or her actions when the teacher radar is in full operation. Most students know when their teacher is engaged with them and are working hard to help them achieve, they efficiently understand that the teacher cares about them and with that a reciprocal relationship is formed. Also provides helpful tips and strategies’ that teachers can follow to help keep a connection with their students. For example; use a whole group, small groups, and individual feedback when appropriate, use hand signals: thumbs up or down to give nonverbal feedback to …show more content…
How will the effective classroom management of the Physical Education teacher radar enhance the student’s participation?
2. How will a teacher act or adjust if one cannot develop a sense of teacher radar at all?

Personal Response:
I would everything discuss in this article out in my own field career in which developing my tone and letting my presence be known to all my students from the beginning of the school. By trying to know my students and have a feel of whose the troublemaker and who friends and whose not. By following their suggest strategies/tactics but as well having my own. Everything they provide is an essential key skill and point that I would like to become better in every way to understand and use. I know it`s going to take time but practice makes

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