The Boy Who Would Be A Helicopter Textbook Analysis Essay examples

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The Boy Who Would be a Helicopter Textbook Analysis

Student disabilities come in all shapes and sizes and is unique to each child. This is especially true with students who have social disabilities. Some students may find it hard to interact with students, some might be aggressive or emotional, some may not have personal space, and some may want space. Students with social disabilities often find it more challenging to gain the necessary skills to develop their social/behavioral communication skills, whether in a classroom setting or at home. Jason is a young student in the book The Boy Who Would be a Helicopter that isolates himself from the other classmates in a world of helicopters. Through the teacher’s classroom management, our teacher is able to enlist her class of student story-tellers to build positive perspectives of Jason to help him find his place among the classroom community.

Plot Summary
In Paley’s The Boy Who Would be a Helicopter, a teacher directs a unique young classroom filled with students who are storytellers. Her students actively incorporate stories within their playing time. The teacher decides to focus her class’ ability to communicate with each other through their stories, marking their growth in their ability to tell their story and see how they grow as their story develops. In this book, the teacher’s observation and involvement over a series of student stories whose development span over the course of most likely the year within the…

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