Lev Vygotsky Research Paper

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Lev Vygotsky was born in Russia. He was psychologist and gives many theories related to human psychology and social development. He also gives the theory of Vygotsky Circle. His main work was related to development of cognitive function in children in the social environment. He gives importance to social behaviors in our daily life. He stressed that these behaviors play an important role in life of human beings. Especially in children, he explains the importance of cognitive development and how our behaviors affect the outcomes.
He explored the relation of social environment on children, how they learn from their social activities and personal developments. He has the idea that every child has two phases of cultural development in his life.
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For this purpose organizations conduct different learning activity programs that teach children by engaging them in analytical, physical and verbal problem solving activities. The writer argues that our culture is the primary factor in construction of our knowledge. What are the values of our culture, how we follow them teaches us a lot because we interact each other and share our experiences and help others in solving their problems. He told that we should develop learning …show more content…
Teacher plays important role in creating an environment in which students enhance their cognitive abilities and tell us the importance of social interaction in our real life. The writer told that learning is a continuous process that cannot be stopped and the social interaction is the main tool in progress of our learning.
We grow in a social environment where we emphasis on values created by our ancestors.
To work in every environment is the task for the teachers to achieve for the mental growth of the children. Vygotsky focus on the interaction of people in a social context. He told us that we should use tools developed by our culture to improve the thinking ability of our generation. He said that students should be helped when needed. In the guidance of elders students learn more and learn in a correct way.
He said that children first learn for themselves. Improve their abilities to think and analyze difficult things in their life. After the personal growth and development children help each other’s in their problems. And gradually the circle enlarged and more people added in the

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