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  • Similarities And Differences Of Ten Canoes And The Fast Runner

    Even though Atuat is promised to Oki, Atanarjuat challenges Oki and takes her as his wife. In Ten Canoes, there is no challenge as it is accepted by the women they will be the wife the man they are assigned too. Furthermore, by eliminating this challenge from their culture the Abornigal tribe maintains peace as no one harbors feelings of loss from losing. On the other hand in Ten Canoes Minygululu tells Dayindi a story of how the desire for another’s wife will lead to severe consensus for everyone who is ruled by envy. Another comparison is the manipulation a scorned woman presented in The Fast Runner. Atanarjuat finds himself married with two wives Atuat and Puja. Unlike Ten Canoes the wives know their roles and always seem to share the work among themselves and they also are faithful to their husband. Puja does not help with the chores or stays faithful to her husband as she is only interested in her own wants and not the needs of the family. She is very selfish, manipulative, and vengeful as she gets convinces her family to kill Atanarjuat as she claims he was going to kill her. In addition, unlike Ten Canoes where it appears a kidnapping has taken place. The Fast Runner begins with a curse a generation before and is stopped by after the children are grown and a ritual…

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  • The Fast Runner Analysis

    Based on a collection of inuit native american myths the film “the fast runner” exposes the beautiful and intricate cultural practices of the native peoples while telling a entertaining and enriching story. The main character Atanarjuat, must face many obstacles to ensure his safety and that of his love Atuat. In the film, the people of Antanarjuat’s camp have been plagued with a curse for the past generation. Through the cohesion between Atanarjuat and the films main Antagonist Oki the curse on…

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  • Misrepresentation Native Americans In Smoke Signals, By Sherman Alexie

    and more. Fortunately, there have been films that revise conventional images of Indians on film. Two significant movies are Smoke Signals and Atanarjuat. The film Smoke Signals revised old Native American films that contain stereotypes in a big way. Most films that involved Native Americans were mostly all directed by non-native film makers. Native American characters in films were also always played by non-native actors. However, Smoke Signals was directed, produced, written, and acted by…

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  • Native American Film Analysis

    big screen, native problems such as alcoholism or not being raised by your actual parents. Although they are fictional, they actually bring to light real life problems. Although Native Americans have almost complete creative control when it comes to how they want to be represented in films today. Native filmmakers are still complying with what white society wants. Even though the representations are correct, native filmmakers still submit to the stereotypes that they once fought to eradicate.…

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  • Canadian Film

    as a Canadian film. In the avant-garde tradition, these similar elements can be shown. For example, the film Tales from the Gimli Hospital, like Les Ordres, has a uniquely Canadian setting – this time it is Gimli, Manitoba – and also features a Canadian historical event – a smallpox outbreak from the nineteenth century (Leach 75). Just because one film features one tradition over the other, does that mean one film should be more “Canadian than the other”? I do not think so because of Canadian…

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  • Cowboys And Indians Analysis

    tragedy, in that they were misrepresenting a culture that they had earlier helped to destroy. This topic was the focus of Neil Diamond’s 2009 film Reel Injun. Diamond is a member of the Cree tribe, and in Reel Injun he wanted to explore the portrayal of Native Americans in film. In Injun he documents many examples of Native Americans in film, including westerns featuring quintessential cowboy John Wayne (showing a scene involving Wayne’s character coolly shooting an ‘Injun’ in the head), he…

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