British Antarctic Territory

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  • Similarities And Differences Of Ten Canoes And The Fast Runner

    (AUIP). Many hours will be spent with as a class and the student is encouraged to participate in the daily activities (AUIP). This includes being flexible with possibly substandard conditions as well as adjusting to the time change (AUIP). It is advised to pack clothing made of wool, silk, and cotton. Another recommendation is to combine these as layers as air can be trapped with the layers and keep a person warmer. Furthermore, if the layers become wet placing the cotton layers on top will help to keep a person warmer. Polypropylene and polar fleece are also recommended all of these fabrics one can purchase as turtlenecks, pants, and glove liners should be packed as well (AUIP). Response 3 Some of the rules in relation to the UN Antarctic Treaty are the area is to be used peacefully without international conflict (Antarctica Treaty System). In addition, the treaty forbids any nuclear explosions or waste as it is designed for scientific discovery and collaboration between each countries research (Antarctica Treaty System). Furthermore, any station can be inspected at anytime, however, can have military presence only to support the research of science (Antarctica Treaty System). This treaty was signed in 1959 by “Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom (Antarctica Treaty System). Response 5 Nunavut has a population of 31,906 as of 2011 and was established as an official province on April 1, 1999 as well as governed by the…

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  • The Importance Of Social Norms In Public Places

    personal territories formulated by social norms and other verbal and nonverbal notifications sent by others. The term “public,” specifically means areas where individuals have freedom of access, but not necessarily of action (Guerrero, DeVito & Hecht, 1999). In this paper, I will describe my observations of how various people established their personal territories in five different places: the library, the elevator, the café, the concert, and the children’s playing room. People are able to take…

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  • True Alpha Essay Examples

    Badass U Articles Summary True Alpha? True Alpha The word “alpha” has become very popular in the last decade or so when describing human social dynamics. But the definition of the term isn’t so clear. Most define it as being the leader of men (or women). Or, as some insecure douchebag who is excessively aggressive. And with the first definition, interestingly, people will look at wolves and gorillas to give examples of alphas in the wild. But there really are no alpha males there. Scientists…

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  • While Peacekeeping Fails: An Analysis

    On April 1982, the Argentine military invaded a series of islands referred to as Falkland Islands. They rapidly overcame the small garrison operated by British marines and rapidly stationed troops in the islands (Encyclopædia Britannica para 2). In response, the United Kingdom undertook a counter-invasion and occupation of the islands to deny the Argentinians from claiming sovereignty over the archipelago. It took almost two months of combat, in which combat casualties exceeded a thousand…

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  • Frontier Of Possession Analysis

    The accountant of the conquest, and the making of what is today Latin America is a debatable subject in the field of humanities, especially in the field history. The most widespread approaches of this history are that of violence, war, oppression, possession of territories, and foundation of new colonies. In Frontier of Possessions, Tamar Herzog, a historian, professor of Latin American presents an account of the conquest from a different perspective, one that proposes that the acquisition of…

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  • Establishing Personal Territories

    Establishing Personal Territories In A Public Setting The understanding of social norms is one of the major formulations people use to keep society running in a respectful, safe, and proper way. In public settings people establish, maintain, and change their personal territories formulated by social norms and other verbal and nonverbal notifications sent by others. The term “public,” specifically means areas where individuals have freedom of access, but not necessary of action (Guerrero,…

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  • Kabyle Sociology

    we need to look at the sociology of immigration. The Sayad (1977) showed that the first two generations of Kabyle immigrants in France were strongly connected with their country of origin. The relation with the territory of Algeria, Kabylia and more specifically with the village of origin was mainly characterized by the hope and the project of the grand return (Sayad, 1977). This visceral link with the territory is particularly illustrated by the funeral rite of repatriating deceased bodies to…

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  • Essay On Buffleheads

    (Bucephala albeola) Bufflehead, short term for (Buffalo-Head). Commonly known as the butterballs of North American waterfowl. Dating back to 500,000 years ago lie fossil remains of these little divers in Alaska, California, Illinois, Texas, Kansas, and Washington. Generally living in North America, yet some occasionally arrive in Iceland, Japan, and Greenland. Buffleheads are native to North America. "Buffleheads have an extensive breeding range, with particularly high densities across the…

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  • Ecology Of Hydrurga Leptonyx

    Hydrurga leptonyx, also known as leopard seals, are incredible creatures that possess traits of survival and adaptability. Their widespread residency throughout the Antarctic and some parts north of that combined with their diversified eating habits places them highly in marine mammals as a potential species to survive environmental changes. This essay connects an understanding of the population and foraging ecology of Hydrurga leptonyx with their future existence in relation to climate change.…

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  • Short Essay: The Importance Of Animals In Antarctica

    but the longest record was 17,000 km. Their main predators are leopard seal, skua and killer whale but mostly preyed by leopard and skua. Adelie penguin has a lifespan of 15-20 years. The tallest and heaviest of all penguin also lives in Antarctica the Emperor penguin. Adult emperor penguins are 110-130 cm tall and weigh about 83-88 lbs. Their dorsal side and head are black and they have pale yellow-breast and bright-yellow ear patches. Their feathers are 80-90% of their insulation to withstand…

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