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  • Malala

    The purpose of this essay is to observe the differences between news reports on Malala Yousafzai from the British Broadcasting Corporation and the NZ Herald. In recognising the differences between these two articles it raises the question of what truth in journalism is. This essay will analyse the quotes that are used and the titles of the articles to show how certain factors alter the perception of a person. The news reports that have been chosen are found online and have been published around similar dates. By choosing similar forms and times of publication we can assume that disparity between the two articles is based primarily on the differences in countries, authors and interests of the editor. Mishal Husain is the journalist for the…

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  • Movie Network: Movie Analysis

    Media is important to our world because people feel inform. However, people don’t know that they are not full inform about the world they live in. In the movie Network, that was created in 1976, it illustrates a world where TV news became enjoyment formulating a world where unrealistic and realistic are obscure. The Characters in the movie lost touch about themselves because they didn’t separate the fiction and nonfiction of their world which brought consequences, for example, Diana the only…

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  • Howard Beale: The Rise And Fall Of The Media

    working at The Union Broadcasting System (UBS). Beale was known for being “the mandarin of television” throughout the 1960s with outstanding ratings. However, his career soon came to a downfall in the late 1960s. In 1969, Beale’s ratings began to drop. Soon after that, he lost his wife and fell into a deep depression and started to drink excessively. His job was the only thing he had left in his life. By 1975, Howard Beale’s ratings were so bad that he was forced to retire. Beale didn’t know how…

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  • Niche News: The Politics Of News Choice By Natalie Stroud

    In Niche News: The Politics of News Choice by Natalie Stroud investigates how people choices where they want to go for the news and the political implications that their choice ultimately entails. In spite of the conventional and true way of thinking about media utilization isolating along generational or political lines, to a great extent figures out where individuals go to find out about events. One generation has a tendency to depend on print, another on TV and still another the web, the…

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  • Prime Time Essay

    1) “A decision to develop a series for prime time simultaneously a choice about a commercial commodity, an aesthetic endeavor, and a social institution. As a result, those making programming decisions will be variously evaluated according to perceptions of their business judgment, their aesthetic tastes, and the values they impart” (Bielby and Bielby 1994:1290). “in a mass-culture industry with a high level of market concentration such as network television, brokers are more directly…

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  • Powerball Jackpot Essay

    Sometimes, the odds are in your favor. Fans of The Hunger Games may disagree, but after three people win the Powerball jackpot, I find this point hard to argue. For my essay, I decided to track the odds of winning the most recent Powerball jackpot to determine if winning is actually luck. To follow the story, I kept up with five different sources-EBSCOhost, CNN, New York Times, Dayton Daily News, and Fox News. After tracking the story, I discovered New York Times was the best source. Therefore,…

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  • Greys Anatomy Effect

    Grey’s Anatomy is an award winning television series about the lives of surgeons that also emphasizes the lives of the patients. Greys Anatomy is created by Shonda Rhime, the creator of Scandal. The Television Series was first aired in the year 2005 and is still being aired today (abc). Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo, is one of the many interns at Seattle Grace hospital and the main character in the series. Meredith quickly begins to fall in love with Derek Sheperd, Patrick Dempsey, who she…

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  • Media Corruption

    A. AG: It’s safe to assume that everyone in this classroom has looked at some form of news at some point in your life, according to an article written by the MintPress News, 60% of information reported by Fox News in 2015 was false. 1. Aaron Blake, a writer for the Washington Post, stated that people only watch reported news that agrees with their political beliefs. 2. Meaning that the majority of news audiences are subjectively one-sided and don’t get both sides of the story, only the…

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  • The Mindy Project Analysis

    with its other programs, like New Girl and Glee, set to attract young, educated, liberal, and largely female viewers, whose interest the network attempted to attract further by releasing the pilot in various online distribution (Baysinger). Furthermore, the program was a continuation of the more racially and ethnically diverse representations that FOX programming provided beginning with their early 1990s targeting of African American audiences, making network television’s first Indian American…

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  • The Film Love, Marilyn Monroe: Sex Symbolism

    Had her childhood story been left as it was, she would have looked fairly weak in comparison to the former. My purpose in stating this is to show that many people did not recognize her as the fragile person she really was. People simply don’t know her true story and thus don’t know her. In my opinion, Monroe’s true fragility came about during her first marriage. Monroe and her husband fought often either because Monroe’s husband was gone, or because Monroe could not do simple household chores…

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