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(Bucephala albeola) Bufflehead, short term for (Buffalo-Head). Commonly known as the butterballs of North American waterfowl. Dating back to 500,000 years ago lie fossil remains of these little divers in Alaska, California, Illinois, Texas, Kansas, and Washington. Generally living in North America, yet some occasionally arrive in Iceland, Japan, and Greenland. Buffleheads are native to North America. "Buffleheads have an extensive breeding range, with particularly high densities across the boreal regions of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, and the sub-arctic deltas including the Athabasca and Slave River parklands" (Gauthier, G. 1993). A few breeding grounds can be found locate in the northern parts of the United States. Their general populations spend most of their migration and winter time on two opposite sides of the U.S, the west coast and the east coast congregating in protected bays and estuaries.

Unlike many ducks, buffleheads are one of a few species that remain monogamous. And return to the same nesting site year after year. While breeding pairs gather together they perform a courtship behavior that expedites the breeding activity. While courtship occurs, the males bob their heads and fly over the females for them to recognize their brilliant black and white underside and their bright pink legs. He then lowers his landing gear
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They can also be found in wetlands and open waters. Like most waterfowl, buffleheads migrate at night and in some instances will travel during the day if a storm system approaches. While migrating, buffleheads find sources of open waters for temporarily feeding and resting grounds. Nesting habitat of buffleheads are often found in hollowed out holes, sometimes from flicker woodpeckers. Nest sites are primarily found in tree cavities, which includes poplars and aspens. Some nests are found by the help of Northern Flicker, and Pileated Woodpecker cavity

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