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  • Iberian Colonisation Of The Americas Essay

    Before Huayna Capac 's death, it was said that over 200,000 natives had died of the same illness in Quinto, leading to his contraction of the disease while he was there. This rapid spread of smallpox in the Inca empire also quickly killed his designated heirs, creating a civil war amongst the destruction of the epidemic just in time for the arrival of the Europeans. The loss of a stable power in the Inca empire led to its fall due to Pizzaro’s military knowledge and ability to manipulate the rival brothers (Atahualpa and Huascar) fighting for the right to rule the Inca empire against each other and eventually conquest the empire for Spain. As with the Aztecs, the combination of indigenous allies and smallpox helped in making Tenochtitlan and the Aztec Empire itself succumb to Spanish power. After the native uprising in Tenochtitlan and the escape named Noche Triste, the Spanish were quite exposed. The Aztecs regrouped with the new leader Cuitlahuac, gaining some success over the Spanish when smallpox hit. Cuitlahuac was said to not even have ruled for forty days before succumbing to the disease along with his successor Cuitlahuatzin whom only ruled eighty days. Along with the Aztec rulers, the estimates of epidemic mortality in the Aztec Empire are…

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  • The Incas Civilization In South America

    Upon the bereavement of “Inca ruler Wayna Qhapaq in 1528 CE, two of his sons, Waskar and Atahualpa, battled in a damaging six-year civil war for control of their father’s empire.” (Cartwright, 2011). This was a devastating blow to the young empire and left many of its tribes battling against each other. The harsh laws of the Incan tribes had played vital roles in the tribes turning against one another. The Inca’s would struggle even more so when the Spanish arrived the Incas were hit with a…

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  • American Civilization Vs Inca Civilization

    The Inca Empire, located in Peru, was the last standing empire in South America. The Incas were South American Indians also known as natives to the land. At the time their capital was called Cuzco, which lasted for three hundred years. Cuzco is also a modern city in Peru. After the rule of their fourth emperor, many tribes settled in the Andes Mountains. Each tribe was individually conquered, requiring them to adapt to the Inca ways of life. After the Indian tribes converted, they combined…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between Francisco Pizarro And Atahualpa

    Francisco Pizarro was in need of a way to earn money. He went to the king and queen, who offered him money to make an expedition in 1532 to Peru, where he founded Lima. Him and his crew of over 500 men traveled to Peru to claim land. It took them over 7 months to reach Peru, and they found an interesting surprise. They were not expecting a colony of Incas and their leader, Atahualpa. Francisco Pizarro hadn’t given any orders as to what to do, and his crew had already sprung into action on what…

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  • Cortes Smallpox

    smallpox. This left him to the decision of who to leave the throne to. He had two sons he could choose from. His first son was Huascar. He is a legit son. That means he should be heir to throne. King Wayna had his second son with another woman. His name was Atahualpa. He was illegit, which means he shouldn’t get the throne. However, King Wayna liked Atahualpa better than Huascar so he left the throne to Atahualpa. This caused anger within Huascar. Huascar created a civil war between himself and…

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  • Rise Of The Inca Civilization

    advanced weapons. The Incas still had wooden or stone weapons (Cartwright 2010). The Spanish had steel and they rode on horses which gave them a huge advantage over the Incas. The Incas had also never fought someone with more power than them. The Incas had conquered many civilizations but all of them were of lesser power and knowledge than the Incas (Cartwright 2010). When the Spanish came they were shocked by the power of the weapons that the Spanish had. The Spanish used the element of…

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  • How Did Francisco Pzarro Conquer The New World

    and managed to obtain a task from Emperor Charles V. Pizarro was to conquer the southern territory and establish a new Spanish territory there. In 1532, joined by his brothers, Pizarro overtook the Inca leader Atahualpa and conquered Peru. Three years later, he founded the new capital city of Lima. Pizarro had heard rumors of a land in South America that was full of gold and other treasures. He wanted to explore the land. He made two initial expeditions into the land. The first expedition took…

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  • Brutality In The Eyes Of The Native American Analysis

    change the mythology of their god, Inti, to coexist with Pachacamac. To the satisfaction of many, the Incas stated that the gods were brothers. Huayna Capac was an Inca ruler who had expanded the Inca territories. His death in 1527 left a divided kingdom. The attempt of unification of the kingdom, sparked a vicious civil war between his two sons, Atahualpa and Huáscar (Lambert). The war left the kingdom devastated, in terms of loss of lives and financially. Atahualpa was victorious and he…

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  • Ancient Peru Civilizations

    reconstructed the city of Cuzco, which became the heart of their empire. Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, was one of the Inca emperors whose reign began in 1438, he played a significant role in the expansion of the empire and gave orders on building Machu picchu. Machu Picchu was a citadel, that was built in the Andes mountain range above the Urubamba river. Tupac Inca Yupanqui was his successor and took on the role of emperor and continued expanding the Inca empire during his lifetime. The emperor…

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  • Differences And Characteristics Of The Aztec And Incan Empires

    they arrived there and they killed the Spaniards and strung their heads up in poles along with, the heads of their horses. A great famine came to the Aztecs after this battle and many died from hunger. Some died from contracting dysentery. Once again while the Aztecs were in a weakened state the Spaniards attacked. This battle lasted for three months until the Aztecs surrendered. A Spaniard named Pizarro riding on horses wielding guns conquers the Inca’s and takes the Incan ruler Atahualpa…

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