I Want To Become An Obstetrician/Gynecist

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The pressure of finding who you are or what you want to become in the future can be quite challenging. There are a list of things that I can do in life. It also take time to find who you are. It may take time for others, but once you find something that you will love to do. The best thing to do is to work for it and if it is not what you plan it would be. Well, there will be another journey that you will go through and that just makes you grow as a person. My love for math and science all started in elementary school then later on in life I lost the love for it. I felt that it learning science wouldn’t be important in the future. Until my marine biology teacher in high school, Mr. Wilkie, helped me find my way into loving science again. My major is …show more content…
In elementary, my favorite part of the day was when it was time for math and science. Learning about the solar system and living organisms were quite fascinating. When I became older, it was not the same. The teacher didn’t care much and would say that most of you would never need to use science in your future. That is when I decided that if this is true then there is no point of trying to care about this subject. Later on in high school, I found the love for science. My marine biology teacher just loved what he was doing. When he teaches the material, it is not boring and he shows numerous examples. For me, I love to help anyone and anything. My marine biology teacher has a boat that is for his class. On Fridays, He would ask if any student would like to go to out and do some researcher. Every time he would ask, I would try the best that I can to go to every trip. One day it could be going out and see mangrove trees and how we as humans are destroying its environment to learning about horseshoes crabs. I remember that horseshoe crab blood can save humans life. Based on the copper that is found in their

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