Tuition In College Essay

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that college tuition has been increasing and it is only going to get worse if nothing changed with the factors causing the change. The trend is clear to many people by now and that change is only going to be upward not the opposite. The world is getting more and more expensive every day, yet some people are still living in denial.
Public universities are the preferred choice by many parents and students. Public universities are more competitive than private or community colleges. They offer more social clubs where students can feel connected and part of something bigger. Many majors and minors are available at public typical 4 year- institutions. Many public universities have a fun Greek life and have many attractive facilities that draw students’ attention. Tuition is high in many public universities no matter where they are located. At Murray State, the undergraduate full time Kentucky resident student would pay $3,804.00 per semester and $9,817 annually, meaning that in state students enrolling in Murray State University pay annually for tuition less than
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Proportion of students with debt 64% ( 1). The number of students with standing debts is a concern for students who are not in college yet. The high cost of college and the fact that financial aid is not enough makes students refrain from attending college right away. Instead students work for three years before going to college because they need to save for it. Having to work without a college degree is not going to pay well for students trying to get an undergraduate degree. Financial aids are not always the best way to go about paying for college. Emergency advances are not none among students and basically, they are expenses like housing. Usually colleges offer an early chance to pay the expenses or help students get a school based loan (US. Department of Education

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