Cost Of Higher Education Essay

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Each year the cost of higher education goes up, schools find a way to charge more for something new. Most 18 year olds in America go to college to get a good job. That is why this country’s’ students have racked up 1.1 trillion dollars in debt. People say you cannot put a price or value on education, but a four year degree at a United States college racks up to at least 60,000 dollars. The price of college has risen more than four times faster than inflation since 1978, but most of this money hasn’t gone toward the betterment of education. The money goes toward plush living areas, stadiums, administers, etc. With the dollar amount racking up, colleges are on the fall, because money put towards the cost doesn’t even go toward the betterment of the educational system. It is important to have a nice campus that makes incoming college students want to stay, but the most important part of going to college, is for the education. The cost of higher education needs to be lowered, unless …show more content…
Whether the price of higher education is too high can only be tested with historical background on previous tallied prices. John Thelin connects the past and present cost of higher education, to answer the question, is the cost too high? When students take the leap to go on with a further education, they are looking for parental backing. With the foreseeing of student loan debt pressing on their minds, they look to their parents for guidance. Once parents start to question the cost of college, so will their children, who are the future of colleges and universities. The question raised on the cost of higher education, needs to be answered in ways that it can be lowered. Without proper statistics and data, these answers take longer to find, so students suffer the consequences of the rising price of higher

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