Increasing Cost Of Higher Education Essay

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The Increasing Cost of Higher Education Higher education is a prospect that many young Americans think is a necessary step toward the future. The mindset today is that the only way for an individual to be successful is through higher education where they can earn a degree and obtain a job that will set them up for a successful life. With this attitude more and more high school graduates are attending college to get a degree. This increase in attendance in the past few years has the demand for college sky rocketing; opening the door for colleges around the nation to increase the cost of attendance. The film Ivory Tower discusses this issue and makes the claim that the price of college tuition is increasing more than any other good or service …show more content…
The increased cost of higher education can be observed as an issue of private trouble. People as individuals desire to go to college for many reasons. Some people wish to go because their parents tell them that it is the best step, others because they themselves want to strive for a better life. These attitudes that the individual holds lead them to strive for the best rated colleges, the ones with the most prestige, which are also the ones that cost the most. With these individuals willing to pay the money for these colleges or universities of a high ranking they are essentially feeding the monster and allowing college’s to feel secure with their tuition being so high. People claim they want to go to college so that they can obtain a certain job that requires them to have a certain degree, and of course they want to get this degree from a well-known and respected college, thus they poor their money into these institutions and allow the high cost of tuition to be thought of as acceptable. Along with these individuals are the individuals whose parents want them to go to college, therefore the parents offer to help the student pay and the student is then willing to pay this high cost with the help of their parents to obtain an

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