An Analysis Of William Zinsser's College Pressure

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College Pressures
In “College Pressures”, William Zinsser talks about the college pressures that most college students face. At the time, William Zinsser was the Master of Branford College at Yale University. He says that he sees four kinds of pressure that most college students go through such as economic, parental, peer and self-induced pressure. As I read his essay, I analyzed the effectiveness of Zinsser’s observation about what pressures most college students face.

Most students face economic pressure as they live in a brutal economy. Zinsser says that he knows why students are under that pressure. He explains that at most private colleges, tuition, room and board cost at least $7,000 per year at the time this essay was written. Today,
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William Zinsser says that his “students think that every other student is working harder and doing better, so the only solution is to study harder still” (4). In other words, Zinsser says that students think that their peers are doing better than themselves. I can’t say that I haven’t felt the same way before. There are times when I feel pressured by others. For instance, my roommate who is in the same economics class as me, studies and reads more than me, which would make me feel that I should work harder than he does. This type of pressure can have negative effects among others. It might destroy a friendship, as a student would feel intimidated, resentful, and jealous towards their peers. But Zinsser said that students shouldn’t worry about their peers working harder than themselves, instead they should all just relax and do something fun and relaxing. I would have to agree with Zinsser with his statement because if students are not relaxed and is more focused on what their peers do, then students are going to be more stressed out on their peers and won’t have any …show more content…
Zinsser says that students sometimes pressure themselves by trying to balance school work with extra-curricular activities, homework, and a social life. I would have to say that I would have to agree with Zinsser as I feel that I try to manage my time by trying to balance school work with extracurricular activities and socialize with my peers. But trying to maintain a social and academic life could have some negative effects on students. Students can screw up in both academic and social ways. If a student decides to go to a party instead for studying an exam they need to pass, then it can have a negative academic effect on that student. But if a student decides to stay home and study for an exam instead of going to the party, then it can have a negative effect on their social life. For Instance, on a daily basis, I have classes every day, which lasts about an hour and twenty minutes. Then after class I either go to the gym or play sports with my friends for at least two to three hours and then I go to the library for about three hours to study and do my

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