Free Community College

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Despite the money families could save by sending their children to community college for free, making community college free would cause an even greater debt for the United States and higher taxes for all citizens. Over a 10 year period, President Obama’s plan for free community college is approximated to yield over 60 billion dollars(McClean). In other words, the United States’ accumulating debt would have a significantly larger amount added to it. Since 1776, the United States has been building up a national debt that has recently peaked to over 18 trillion dollars(U.S. Debt). Adding to the country’s extensive debt in a preventable situation is not a wise decision. Individuals could suffer, as well as the country as a whole. Residents in …show more content…
With this in mind, many students who meet and exceed academic requirements can enroll at four-year universities to receive an even higher education on scholarships or even receive substantial scholarships from community colleges as well. Many universities offer programs to less financially equipped students to make sure students graduate. One of these many programs is known as the Federal Work-Study Program. Students immediately become eligible for the Federal Work-Study Program by filling out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid when applying for college. FWS is offered at more than 3,400 schools across the nations and provides students with the option of working on campus doing various jobs to help pay for their tuition and other fees(Cress). Students who take advantage of this opportunity could potentially pay off their college and have money left over for other personal needs. On the contrary, most community colleges offer many scholarships to keep enrollment of students up. In fact, the average community college extends more than $7,200 per full-time student every year, 3.9% of that money is from scholarships(Community College at a Glance). The money community colleges grant to full time students is nearly enough to cover tuition for one year. Scholarships for community college are more common than it is thought. In fact, students attending community college had 31% of their tuition covered by the Federal Title 4 Aid. Additionally, each student receiving aid from Federal Title 4 receives an average of $3,700 annually(AACC). With these scholarships available, students are more likely to be able to cover the costs of community college independently. While community college can have its expenses, the aid offered through scholarships is significant and can dramatically decrease the financial pressures on

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