Weaknesses Of Community College

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The United States has a unique higher education system in which it tailors to many individual’s needs. This ranges from two year Community Colleges to four year Universities. Community Colleges tends to be the most affordable however, there are many Americans that cannot afford the tuition. This is occurring because many students who apply for financial aid are required to provide their parents income. In many cases they don’t qualify for financial aid and their parents are not contributing to the cost of their education. As a result, many students opt out of attend college due to the fact that they cannot afford it. In some cases students attend Community College part-time and later drop out because they feel it is costing them too much …show more content…
It is not preparing student for a four year university. It appears that President Obama is just preparing students to achieve an Associate Degree.
The strengths in the Republican viewpoints are that there are ways students can achieve a free education at a community college. For example, in New York State students can use either a Pell grant or Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) to finance their education. Another strength is that the American government has equipped students with 12 years of free education therefore, after those twelve years students needs to make the best decision for providing for their education.
Some weaknesses that are apparent in the Republican point of view are that there are students whose financial aid are based on their parents income and in many cases they do not qualify for financial aid. Therefore, there is a loop hole in the system that is preventing many students from attending a Community College. Also, the issue that $60 billion over ten years is too much to spend on a program is unacceptable in American society. Many program proposals come with a high price tag. Therefore, it’s an investment in education because when the government finances a student’s college education it means that the student is qualified for a higher position which means that the student will be making more money and paying more income taxes because he or she falls into a higher income

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