Community Nursing

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Community health nursing and family nursing share a very close relationship. Community health services help both the individual and the family unity. Any nurse working in a community health center of any type will find him or herself often educating the patient along with their family members. In Miami, FL there are a number of different types of community health centers. These include but are not limited to home health care, community health clinics, and the public health department. These facilities and programs benefit the promotion of health for patients and their families.
The community I work in is Miami-Dade FL. The Florida department of health provide multiple services for this community. According to the Florida department of
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These centers provide patients both long term and short term nursing care. Some centers focus on respiratory illness rehabilitation. Other nursing centers provide orthopedic rehabilitation, while others are for people that can no longer care for themselves due to age or loss of physical abilities. The community benefits from this because families are able to receive nursing care help. Families may not have the knowhow to care for the recovery or long term care of a patient, that is where family nursing comes in. Inside these facilities nurses teach not only the patient, but also the family as a whole about the needed patient treatments. Together the nurse, patient, and family go through the practice of providing patient …show more content…
An example of how this happens is educating the patent and their families about immunization schedules, proper nutrition, rest, exercise routines, use of seat belts, and abuse of drug and alcohol (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, Tobacco, & Hanson, 2015). Nurses find themselves teaching patients and their families at any given moment. This could happen during an emergency room visit, during the time of discharge, and in community health fairs to name a few instances. Patients walk away after reciting back information learned and with the information repeated on paper, and websites provided for reinforcement. Families benefit from this because there is a repetitive factor to this type of teaching that causes memorization and an increase in better patient

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