Consumer Behavior Analysis: The North Face Products

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3. Consumer Behavior Analysis
3.1 Consumer profile
Generally speaking, The North Face customers are adults aged between 25 and 45. They are usually from middle-middle to upper-middle class. Hence, they are prone to extreme sports and able to afford the relatively high price of The North Face products.
Most of its customers love nature and are interested in outdoor activities. They frequently participate in activities such as hiking, skiing, and backpacking. Thus, they need The North Face products.
The North Face targets at customers who value fullness of life. They would not live in vain. Instead, they prefer active lifestyle by participating in outdoor activities. Also, they love adventures so as to
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Firstly, family has great impact on individual’s personality and habit, which lead to different needs. Secondly, consumer behavior is closely related to his role in a family. TNF’s customers are usually single grow-ups, who have financial capability and high discretionary income. They tend to be more recreational orientated. Hence, they are more likely to participate in extreme sport. Also, they do not have family burden. Thus, they are able to afford and tend to pursuit products with high-performance. In a nutshell, bachelorhood favors purchase of TNF.
Age is a significant factor of consumer behavior because people need and purchase different products at different stages. Extreme sports are dangerous for children and elderly, so they are less likely to buy TNF products.
Besides, consumers’ purchasing power also determines the products they would buy. Since TNF products are relatively expensive when compared to its competitors, TNF is merely considered by people with high income.
Lifestyle is people’s way of living expressed in their interest and activity. Customers choose products that suit their lifestyle. People with an active lifestyle are prone to exercise or even extreme sport. Thus, they may purchase TNF because they need clothing and equipment for outdoor activities. Also, TNF has a rugged brand personality that matches with customers’ lifestyle, so it is also a factor driving them to buy

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