Dell Market Segmentation

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Gather Information about Market Segment & Consumers
This assessment requires that the candidate gather this information and develop a portfolio and presentation that includes the following:
1. A market segment profile. Dell computers are one of the most popular systems in the world now, which are majorly different in terms of direct channel marketing and promotion policy. Moreover it is worldwide known for designing and producing personal computers, enterprise products like servers as well as storage devices.
Recently dell computers was hot by low growth and extensive competition in its core market segments. Dell computers has lost its remarkable position after HP merged with Compaq to come on the top position.
In this information, I will
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A preliminary profile of consumers in that segment.
Dell will be using customer segment in the market planning along with the product segmentation where it is focusing several market sections and designing separate products for the customers. Dell has focused the market in America, Asia pacific and japan where every area has different priorities and marketing plan. (, 2015). Demographically, there is no age, gender or community basis bur income, profession and level of education plays an important role in coming to a decision about what the consumer needs.
It is also important to be kept in mind that from behavioural point of view, the company will focus on the benefits sought by consumers such as low price and good quality and service. We will focus with a keen vigil on the consumers with predictable buying patterns along with low service expenses. The major need of the hour is to develop a strength in targeting and keeping particular data bases for target
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Develop a preliminary or untested profile of your consumers which includes:
a. a description of the area your typical consumer lives in- the majority of dell customers are closed to the CBD and city areas. As evident that most of the corporate establishment are situated in the city including most of the universities and colleges. There are household customers in the suburbs and regional areas but these are limited. We can very well state that the higher number of our customers are near the city

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