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  • Similarities Between Live Theatre And Tv Theatre

    majestic as what it feels like to actually be right there with the “characters” right in their faces. The connection the audience will feel towards the characters and the raw emotions that take place on the show. Live theatre offers an experience that is raw and real, draws connections between the characters and the audience, and creates a magical environment that welcomes the audience to takepart in the character’s journeys.…

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  • Mcdonald's By Dorothy Manners Analysis

    It was featured on the cover and was teased in the previous issue. It appears that the people behind Picture Play really wanted this article to be the focus. Not only was it an interview with a famous male lead. It also featured a topic any female audience would love to read. It even says so in the tag: “Every feminine fan will be interested in what Wallace McDonald learned about women…for his revelations contain many points on how to attract the male of the species” (Manners, 18). The author,…

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  • Adrienne Rich Speech Analysis

    instead of just tolerating it. She presents this speech to an audience of women at a women’s only institution in 1977, resulting in her speech mainly focusing on women who were academically discriminated to their belief. During her speech she desires her audience to be assertive and to strive for self-respect to help women universally, which could benefit the many generations to come. While presenting her argument, she persuades the audiences with different methods such as making them feel…

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  • Making A Speech

    chances are, if the speaker refers something that might offend the audience then the speech will turn out to be offensive to one. Talking in public or in this case in a classroom, need to be taken serious for many variety of subjects like including, careers that requires one to make public speaking. This tool could either make you or break you in the career world. It is not such a difficult task to take…

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  • Powerpoint Presentation Design

    When the time comes, it is of the utmost importance to have an effective and clear presentation that defies the general occurrence of “your audience will mentally check out of your next PowerPoint presentation after about 10 minutes” (Gallo, 2014, para. 1). So, the question is, what makes for an effective presentation and does different settings and audiences require a variance in the presentation design? Within this paper, a presentation done by David JP Phillips, from the Swedish firm,…

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  • Strategic Approach To Audience Segmentation Analysis

    Taking a Strategic Approach to Audience Segmentation It seems like the farther we get into the Internet age the greater the options for audience segmentation. Audience segmentation is not only limited to on-site tag-based audiences anymore. In fact, have so many options now that it can be difficult to zero in on exactly which audience you are hoping to reach. With more options for audiences than ever, where do you even start? Options for creating audiences using Google Analytics data, which…

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  • What Are My Personal Goals And Aspirations

    I believe the main takeaways are the things that are not listed in the slides and not said in class. These are the things that I discovered through my downfalls. I realized that to make that strong stage presence and build a connection with the audience, I have to find my own voice and believe in myself to connect with others. Reflecting back, I have always doubted my ability to build connections with people in my life, which has affected the relationships in my life negatively. With this, I am…

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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay On Public Speaking Class

    And yet, as the videos show my voice is clear and commanding. When I spoke to the audience I was speaking with lucidity and precision. Over the course of the class my voice only improved as I became more comfortable speaking. In high school I tended to stutter and mumble during presentations but this wasn’t the case here. I will conclude…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Violence In Townie By Andre Dubus

    bath under a blue sky.”(Townie, page 128) The usage of this simile helps show the audience what the author is feeling at that exact moment. After he had defended his brother and punched the guy; he compares the exhilarating feeling as to being under a blue sky on a warm, sunny day. It provides an imagery of Andre’s perspective on violence and the fact that its all pleasant, warm and fuzzy for him. This makes the audience concerned about his likeness for violence and makes them wonder if he will…

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  • Singin In The Rain Critique

    even Singin’ In The Rain and pretended to like them. However, viewing this musical in college with young students as the actors it seemed more appealing, and funnier than I remember from the movie. When sitting in the theatre I scanned through the audience, and they appeared to have adored this production, especially when the character Cosmo was talking. From overhearing the reactions at the end of the play, I’d say it was a success because people were happy with how the story turned out, the…

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