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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Blue Collar Brilliance

    gaining a different response from her audience. Obama wants to audience to be able to understand and relate to her experiences. Obama states “See, my parents didn’t go to college, but they were determined to give us an opportunity” (Obama 723). Obama uses her parents as an example to help her achieve the deliverances of her motivational purpose and tone. They have similar approaches and examples; yet they are aiming for two different responses from their audiences using their tone and word…

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  • Character Analysis: A Walk To Remember

    really was. His back and forth mental battle made the audience question his true feelings. Doing such things like walking her home, attending the orphanage with her, and buying her a Christmas gift finally put an end to his denial. It appears this way when Landon Carter says, “She smiled at me and I smiled at her and all I could do was wonder how I’d ever fallen in love with a girl like Jamie Sullivan” (132). Understanding how he now felt, the audience still had to work to understand Jamie’s…

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  • Babby's Grow Film Analysis

    very last scene. The main heroine is thrust into an enthralling life and death situation to bring justice to her twin sister’s killer. The goal is clear and the danger is high. The script provides an intense mystery that easily pulls in the audience. Visual storytelling is well crafted and delivers the frights (the visual of Jessica and her calling out “Maaa!) The script is worthy of consideration. The opening and first act sets up the ordinary world of Anne-Marie. There’s a shocking…

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  • Pathos, And Logos In Michael Levin's 'The Case For Torture'

    the author discusses reasons of when torture is justified. Knowing that many Americans consider torture unconstitutional, Michael tries to reason with the audience saying, “Millions of lives outweigh constitutionality.” Even though torture is barbic, the audiences come to sense that mass murder is even more barbic. The piece makes the audience re-think their opinion torture if it means lives will be saved. Levin makes it clear that torture should not be used as punishment, but as a way to…

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  • Extra Gum: The Story Of Sarah & Juan, By Haley Riski

    the viewer’s attention, even if the product has nothing to do with what may be happening in the commercial. The commercial Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah & Juan, directed by Pete Riski does that. The company implements emotional appeal to pull the audience in and use teens that can relate to what is happening. The beginning of the commercial takes places at a high school. The song “Can 't Help Falling In Love” by Haley Reinhart, is playing in the background. Both Sarah and Juan being the main…

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  • Analysis Of Juggler By Richard Wilbur

    In his poem, “Juggler,” Richard Wilbur describes a juggling performance in which his speaker is attending. The speaker, like the rest of the audience, is captivated by the performer’s raw talent. In order to provide his readers their own seat at the performance and to convey an accurate description of the juggler, Wilbur relies on an array of poetic devices which, in turn, help reveal the speaker’s internal conflict. Wilbur uses imagery, personification, tone, and diction to disclose to readers…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Growing Up Tethered By Sherry Turkle

    For example, when she wrote “Consider Leo, a college sophomore far from home, who feels crippling loneliness.” (Turkle, 436) She creates a college feeling that the audience can connect to, especially the students. The scary and lonely feeling that one have when they first move out from their home to attend college. Additionally the idea of technology is also a very popular topic already, especially among this generation…

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  • Things I Know To Be True Analysis

    A blue haze is washed over the stage as the lights suspended above cast shadows on the stage floor. Gobos light up the stage and spots pan over the audience, pulling in every sense of intrigue and curiosity within the audience. A ringtone is heard as the stage lights dim, a man appears in a spotlight leaning, virtually reaching out, but he seems to hold himself back, delaying the phone call for fear of what it might be. In Things I Know To Be True, Andrew Bovell shines light on a modern day…

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  • Essay On Cb's Early Tv Strategy

    CBS’s early TV strategy differed from NCB due to their different motivations for attracting an audience. CBS employed a populist programming strategy, which included sitcoms, game shows, adaption of radio shows, star driven shows from the celebrity base form radio, employing similar programming strategies that had been established in radio in order to appeal to a mass audience and ensure sponsorship. The network also ensured great flexibility through its use of packaged programs (Shows developed…

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  • The Merchant Of Venice Monologue

    answers one of the biggest questions in this play why would someone ever want a pound of human flesh it is just sickening thinking of it. The monologue gains power through the punctuation with all the stops such as commas, question marks it gives the audience a chance to process the actual meaning of what is being said and also gives an anticipation of what is going to be said next. Another thing that drew me was the emotion it wasn’t some simple emotion, it was a complex emotion that you don’t…

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