Coca Cola Hashtag Analysis

Make it happy. This is the hashtag associated with the Coca-Cola commercial. The hashtag, along with addressing the issue of bullying, relates this brand to a younger audience. The commercial also lures in an audience of any age by associating happiness to Coca-Cola. Music and special effects also are applied to relate to and retain the interest of the viewers. The Coca-Cola commercial connects to several distinct audiences and conveys the message that Coca-Cola causes happiness along maintaining the viewer 's attention with music and sparkles.
The hashtag, make it happy, aims this commercial towards a younger crowd. Older people tend not to use hashtags or are unaware hashtags exist. However, hashtags have emerged into a popular
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The main approach to achieve this is associating happiness with the product. When the Coca-Cola pours into the internet server, the Coke flows through to people’s screens and brightens their day. As the viewers observe Coca-Cola transform the screen with happiness, the connection of Coca-Cola and happiness is constructed. The company anticipates that when these viewers receive a choice between different pops, they will recall the cheerfulness of the people in the commercial and prefer Coca-Cola. The commercial leads the viewers to believe that Coca-Cola will enhance their day. At the end the words “the world is what we make it” appear. These call to action words attempt to inspire the viewers to spread happiness and to convert the world into a happy place. Observing the melancholy faces of the people in the commercial transform to cheerful, contributes to the inspiration. This inspiration is another positive association with Coca-Cola that motivates viewers to prefer a Coke over another …show more content…
Obviously, the inside of electronics wouldn’t react the same if Coke was spilt inside, but the interesting bubbles, flying zeros and ones, sparks, and sparkles catches the eye and maintains the watcher’s attention. The flying numbers also occur while Coca-Cola appears and changes the screen. The majority of watchers don’t obtain an extensive knowledge of electronic technology, although, an enormous amount of people associate numbers with computers. The flying zeros and ones could be a simple method of demonstrating that the Coca-Cola and happiness is traveling through the

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