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  • Coca Cola Hashtag Analysis

    with the Coca-Cola commercial. The hashtag, along with addressing the issue of bullying, relates this brand to a younger audience. The commercial also lures in an audience of any age by associating happiness to Coca-Cola. Music and special effects also are applied to relate to and retain the interest of the viewers. The Coca-Cola commercial connects to several distinct audiences and conveys the message that Coca-Cola causes happiness along maintaining the viewer 's attention with music and…

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  • A Servant Of Two Masters Analysis

    had attended a play “A servant of Two masters” that played downtown Pittsburgh at the O’Reilly theater, the play was directed by Ted Pappas. He had put together a creative and intriguing play, having actors stay spontaneous and interact with the audience, therefore no parts would be found boring nor dry. All the actors had held up their end of their roles quite well, by fully disguising themselves as that character they were suppose to be during the entire play. In the play “A…

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  • Persuasive Speaker Reflection

    Throughout the entire class, I have been questioning to myself if I have enhanced as a persuasive speaker, or remained as the same person that stepped into your classroom for the first time. And to be frank with you Schilling, my actual objective for Speech 100 was to progress into a decent speaker, so that one day I could possess the same atmosphere as Henry Clay. Bearing in mind that Clay was valued as one of the greatest speakers that has walked on this earth. Likewise, Clay is considered as…

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  • Comedy Skits

    wider audience than just a typical speech because who doesn’t love a good laugh and an interesting form of giving knowledge! The other side of the coin is of course giving a speech. This is only effective if the speaker knows how to sweep the audience off its feet. The speaker must be passionate about the topic and have the ability to make the audience feel a strong sense of change. A Ted speaker would be the best choice because they are gifted with the ability to connect with the audience. If…

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  • Rhetoric Reflection Paper

    communicate across to an audience effectively. It isn’t about what is written or said, but how it is written or said. One key element of rhetoric is the audience addressed, because without knowing who the audience is one fails to communicate effectively. People can appeal to a number of different audiences, but they have to know who those people are in order to know what terms, what language, what expressions, and what facts to use. Rhetoric helps to address an audience effectively in order to…

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  • Reflection On The Play Peter And The Startcatcher

    people in the audience, there were adults, older people and children. They all seem to be dress very casual. Everybody seem to look comfortable and some people even looked like they were on the dates. I think everyone came in with an open-mind and ready to see the play.…

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  • Write A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Body Language

    me. It all depends who I am talking to. Moving hands all over the place won’t give you any extra credit other than destruction to your audience. Dress…

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  • Immersive Theatre

    or evoke an action through the depiction of fictional events, or at least, through the embodiment of the presentation of events, in the presence of the audience. Their experience of these events and the actions involved (whether visually, verbally, or physically) are of major importance to achieve the desired effect of immersive theatre. The audience…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Blue Collar Brilliance

    gaining a different response from her audience. Obama wants to audience to be able to understand and relate to her experiences. Obama states “See, my parents didn’t go to college, but they were determined to give us an opportunity” (Obama 723). Obama uses her parents as an example to help her achieve the deliverances of her motivational purpose and tone. They have similar approaches and examples; yet they are aiming for two different responses from their audiences using their tone and word…

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  • Character Analysis: A Walk To Remember

    really was. His back and forth mental battle made the audience question his true feelings. Doing such things like walking her home, attending the orphanage with her, and buying her a Christmas gift finally put an end to his denial. It appears this way when Landon Carter says, “She smiled at me and I smiled at her and all I could do was wonder how I’d ever fallen in love with a girl like Jamie Sullivan” (132). Understanding how he now felt, the audience still had to work to understand Jamie’s…

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