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  • Summary Of Public Thinking By Clive Thompson

    there. Overall, Thompson definitely appeals to the millennial generation in his work. Personally, following blogs is one of the several ways I get information on new releases, reviews, or just products I’m interested in, and in this way I see how the audience affect is significant in the niche I’m a part of in the blogging community. Though some of his claims are sufficiently backed by strong evidence, he fails to do so in some places, causing his argument to…

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  • The Importance Of Research-Based Presentation In The Workplace

    it makes sure the researcher has a thorough understanding of the topic he/she had prepared. For instance, one should have overall knowledge of what were the findings, suggestions and results. In our class presentation, we were already aware of the audience so we had the idea of who stands where and how much knowledge each of the member must have about the conflict. Therefore, the researcher should prepare him/herself accordingly in case any unexpected questions were to arise. It also affects the…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Commercial # Likeagirl-Unstoppable, Always

    imposed on her by society. Their theory is girl’s begin to think they can’t do all the activities they want to do; they begin to quit doing the activities they love. But Always, a well-known feminine hygiene company, has begun to make commercials directed towards young women that shows them they can do anything. In their commercial “#likeagirl - Unstoppable”, Always uses a mix of emotional appeal and rationale throughout the video to convey the message to the audience that girls are unstoppable.…

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  • Advanced Public Speaking Analysis

    teaching public speaking classes to my staff and as a volunteer teaching public speaking to at risk high school students. From this experience, I have learned how to write a speech, the importance of knowing my audience, overcoming nervousness, different tactics for various size audience and different presentation styles, and effective use of PowerPoint. For documentation, I am including a picture of me presenting an award on stage in front…

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  • Dramatic Monologue In The Bloody Chamber, By Angela Carter

    helped shed a new light on a minor character’s experience and relationship from the source, the secondary purpose was to give some clues to why the master killed. By using a dramatic monologue I was able to establish a stronger bond between the audience and the characters, as the reader gets to know what happened to the main character in The Bloody Chamber after the Master was killed. Furthermore to emphasise the bond; Chance of Death is shown in first person narrative, a…

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  • Textual Analysis In Texts

    Reception (800) 99 homes was a text built on true events and where the audience that is experiencing the text might also have experienced the same or similar situation portrayed in the film, thus the importance of executing the right research as huge part of constructing a believable and strong text. So that anyone watching…

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  • James Hamblin's Article 'Buy Experiences, Not Things'

    In his article “Buy Experiences, Not Things”, James Hamblin explains to his audience the successful ways to be happy in today’s world. He picks apart the clichés that people believe create happiness, then explaining the correct ways in which they should be going about doing so. Through the use of logos, the tone and ethos, Hamblin was successful in reaching his audiences and getting his point across. Throughout the article, Hamblin quotes information from studies conducted by a number of…

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  • Skyy Vodka Advertisement Analysis

    we might slowing our steps and pay more attentions to those special individuals; we might even talk to our friends about what we saw afterward. Advertisement is the type of person whose creators want it to become the center of the stage; making audiences remember them at the first glace, but when this individual’s dresses are too stylish he/she is putting himself/herself into a very critical position. This Skyy vodka advertisement shows how sex…

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  • Analysis Of 'The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime'

    discusses about their uncommon interest will make readers become exasperated because of the unnecessarily information being communicated to them. Christopher has made individuals build an understanding towards him, however, Haddon has provoked the audience to become annoyed with Chris through revealing another side of Aspergers’ syndrome that can be difficult to form an understanding towards. Christopher’s use of orthography “Because it was a really easy sum because you just multiply 864 X…

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  • The Night Face Up And Life Of Pi Analysis

    (theological) and into a habitat of inner clarity and gratification, eventually leading to a shift in worldly perspectives. Thus Lee uses Pi, whose inner workings of the mind are representative of an ongoing pattern of mathematical obscurity, to lead audiences to the collective belief that effective discoveries possess…

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