The Boy Friend Play Analysis

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On October 24, 2015 I went to see the musical comedy, The Boy Friend which was directed by Susan Cato-Chapman. It was produced by the Fairmont State University Department of Theatre and Communication and Town and Gown Theatre. The musical comedy starts at Madame Dubonnet’s School for Young Ladies where the four main young girls and Polly are discussing Polly’s made-up boyfriend. The girls are excited for the upcoming Carnival Ball for which all of the girls, aside from Polly, have dates. Throughout the musical comedy Polly meets Tony who delivers her costume. They are attracted to one another so they agree to go to the Carnival Ball together. Before the play the audiences’ energy was very anxious. Many people were talking about numerous different …show more content…
His part seemed the most convincing. At the start, I thought that he was bad news for Polly as no factors ever came outright leading me to believe that he was wealthy. It wasn’t until his parents were introduced at the Carnival Ball that I made the connection and understood why he was hiding who he was. My favorite scene of Tony’s was when he was first introduced. He delivered Polly’s dress to her at Madame Dubonnet’s school and they began flirting. Tony’s acting seemed the most natural and fluid, his lines came the easiest, and most …show more content…
It helped me to better understand the era that the production was in as well as some of the comments that were made. One scene that I thought best exemplified that design element was the beach scene. At first I wasn’t sure why exactly Madame Dubonnet and Polly’s father were making certain comments about the attire for the beach scene, but once I saw the costumes I understood more of the setting that the production was in. The swimsuit costumes were very modest, especially for today’s standards. Even when the young ladies were on the beach their swimsuits were modest as

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