The Boy Who Loved Monsters Character Analysis

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On what felt like one of the longest days I went to see a play with my best friend. I didn’t tell her what it was about or any of the details, the play was titled The Boy Who Loved Monsters and the Girl Who Loved Peas. I had wanted to see it since it first came out in the early summer. The play did so well that they did a holdover, which meant that I finally had my chance to see it. When we first walked into Spongberg Theatre music was playing that filled the atmosphere with an outer space feeling. The lights dim, and a stage filled with bright colored props. The stage was set up in a thrust so the audience was in front but the side seating on an angle. The audience consisted of three children and the rest college students and parents. As the audience took there seats ushers passed out pamphlets to the adults about the play which included: production staff, theatre staff, cast, directors notes and thank you notes to the sponsors. The ushers also passed out green ‘peas’ to the …show more content…
The other actors did a phenomenal job incorporating the voices and phrases that children say. Which is why I feel it was so intriguing, even though I am twenty years old I felt as if I was creating a story with my younger brother and watching it in front of me. The stage setup was was as if we were on the outside of a house looking in: on the far left side a living room, middle a dinning room and far right side a bedroom. The living room had a loveseat and a table, this side of the stage was only used a handle full of times. The dinning room is where most of the action happened, the monster showed up from under the table, and that’s where the children and monster played. The bedroom is where the brother slept and pea slept under his bed. The whole set was filled with bright colors which made the performance look like a bedtime story. As an audience member I highly enjoyed the

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