Gopro Analysis Of Gopro

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If we identify the movement behind the scenes we develop an understanding to how media is carefully curated for each audience. Individuals such as directors and screenwriters etc. make decisions regarding the elements presented in order to aid the audience in understand that particular character presented and the elements that make them who they are. It is these attachments of elements; it is these elements that the audience remembers. In the GoPro advertisement these same decisions are made to aid the audience in understanding a user of a GoPro and inspires them to become one by adopting this adventurous attribute into their identity. So we can see by creating the ideology that adventure/exploration and documenting it with a GoPro is what …show more content…
We have developed the understanding that in essence the media has a huge role in conveying particular elements to audiences by attaching it to our desired values and attributes. We revive a great amount of influence on what we should by, who we should be and who we should become in order to achieve a fulfilling life. In particular we can see how the GoPro advertisement does this by placing emphasis on exploration and documentation of ones life using GoPro products, this relates to some individuals values and desired attributes and convinces them that to identify with GoPro and their products will aid in achieving their related personal goals. This come down to the the fact that when we engage in media, no matter what form it may presented in, we are primarily receiving the particular thoughts and idea conveyed by the directors. This has now become the format on which we exchange ideas and thoughts, so in a sense it creates this dynamic that it no different than receiving these ideas from characters over media, or in person. This is because today there is no longer a barrier between media and socialisation, all media including advertisement is considered and form of socialisation as it makes not difference if in person or online, the outcome effect and influence is still the same, particularly on younger generation whom have grown up with this socialising media. Therefore by understanding and critically inspecting what goes on behind the scenes, can help identify how media representations are constructed and come to realise that they are not neutral. This then raises the question that if these representations are construction for specific motives, should we question them as to how they can change our individual

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