Final Paper: Final Reflection

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Final Reflection Throughout my first semester in English 101 here at Minnesota State University, I have learned many beneficial concepts on writing papers. As of right now, we have written a total of four extensive papers for the class. The first one being a visual analysis paper, the next paper was a proposal, the third paper was a cultural context analysis, and the final paper we wrote this fall was a literacy narrative. In each of these papers, I have learned key tips and other beneficial concepts to make myself a better writer in the future. Out of all of the things I have learned this semester, the three most important things I will take away are, the organization of different types of papers, understanding the audience you are trying to write to, and last but not least learning how to convey the information in a paper educationally. …show more content…
Each of the four papers we wrote come with different organization. Some of the papers needed to be in chronologically order, some needed information followed by an explanation explaining the information written, and another is a story and can start anywhere in the story. In the cultural context analysis, visual analysis, and the proposal paper, I needed to correctly convey information and explain it. During the writing process of the literacy narrative, I decided to start at the beginning because I felt it would express the message to my audience better than trying to start in the middle or end of the story. After starting at the beginning, I had to have the following events of my story in chronological order. Other parts of organization that are important include, an intro at the beginning, conclusion at the end of the paper, and the overall correct organization of MLA and APA papers. I have learned many things about the organization of papers that will definitely make writing papers in the future easier and

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