Critical Reflection On Myself As A Writer

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Critical reflection
Reflecting back on what I have learnt about myself as a writer is that it is okay to be aware of your weaknesses and using the necessary tools to support and strengthen them. As a writer it is good to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with new genres. Let your writing take you on an emotional journey, and let your emotions lead your writing into a new journey. As a writer you need to expand your vocabulary and use powerful descriptive words to really create a mental image for your readers. I have learnt to understand the importance of sentence structure, drafting, and proof reading and not over using commas creating sentences that are too long. As a writer I learnt that it is vital to seek criticism of your
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I understand the importance of proof reading, researching, editing and composing my writing to create a higher quality than before I commenced this course. Effective writing is being aware of the value of taking an audience into consideration, as a writer I have learnt the importance of staying on target with your chosen audience. I found once I became personally motivated to write and pushed all doubts aside the words began to flow onto the paper. “Whatever the teaching, the writers are on their own, drawing on their experience of life, of language and of story to make meaning. Writing their story is an act of self-expression and self-validation. Individual success brings self-confidence”, (Gleeson, …show more content…
Conferencing with peers gave an insight into the various way writers approach given tasks, a valuable resource gaining an extensive and open-minded understanding for my future teaching of writing. As mentioned by NCTE, everyone has the capacity to write, writing can be taught, and teachers can help students become better writers. I agree with this statement, from discussions with peers and sharing ideas and thought during conferences, everybody has the ability to think creatively therefore everyone produce a writing piece. It is our job as future teachers of writing to be able to support, guide and encourage students to feel confident in their writing. Writing is an open expression of one’s self and mind using language, with the right understanding of the important tools everyone can

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