Reflective Essay: My Writing As A Writer

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My mind feels like a 1000 piece puzzle missing a piece. I can’t simply find the right words to say to start this paper. It is always like this when freewriting; the idea of freewriting in and of itself frightens me. Never able to put the words in my head onto paper in a way that it can be read eloquently by others. My hands start to cramp automatically at the idea of freewriting. My eyes dart around the room looking for any inspiration to that can light the spark off in my brain. Nothing does though. It’s hard to write freely after years of structured writing to a specific set of questions in a way that will only please your teacher of that year. But I try despite all the obstacles in my way.

Writing has always been a struggle, whether free or not. A brain much more use to solving math and researching science like mine always dreaded the thought of having to go into English and write a 2-3 page paper about a book I didn’t care about but act liked it made a large impact to me. Always worrying about the opinion in the paper being read correctly was a concern. At least I’m better at explaining in writing than having to read aloud. Finishing papers right before the deadline was a way that I had to deal with my hate of writing, because for me it was best to not think about it otherwise I
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Teachers at Salem High would love to make you write about the opinions that they felt but not the ones you did. Due to this clashes often occurred between the teachers and I. Writing about things I did not believe was the wort struggle because I would always want to write the opposite of what was asked. Free writing was awful because no matter what was written and supported with evidence in account to expressing our opinions, if the teacher did not agree the grade would be lower than someone who wrote in a way that the teacher found

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