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  • The Pros And Cons Of Multiverses

    However, they are just that: interpretations. All of which delve deeper into speculation, rather than actual quantifiable data. There is a large schism in the science community over whether or not multiverse is a legitimate science. Those that are oppositional to multiverse theories, are right in their skepticism. Seeing as a multiverse is not something that can be observed, it can therefore not be measured or tested, and that means it should be placed under scrutiny. For example: in Vilenkin’s paper, these island universes our past our horizon of observation, which means that for all intense and purposes cannot ever be observed and only be speculated upon. Most of the hypotheses for a multiverse are formed from logical steps within other hypotheses that have data to back them up. There is no actual theory on the multiverse as there are interpretations stemming from current theories and hypotheses of our universe. There are even those that argue that some of the theories that the multiverse is based on could be wrong themselves. A theory that is based on and dependent on other theories without any data to back itself up, cannot be taken with more than a grain of salt. Most will not argue that the multiverse does not have its own merit and worth of study, but to classify it as a science is where the issues come in. Some would say that it is more of a question on philosophy than it is a…

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  • Cosmological Theory

    To most people around the world today may just seem like another day in the 13th century, however here in Italy today marks a significant discovery and the first time that the cosmological has been made famous within society. Although we have been told that the concept has been around since Plato and Aristotle, it is not until now that it has been made famous around the world and in Western philosophy. Today marks the day St Thomas Aquinas declared their theory for Gods existence, which has…

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  • The Problem Of The One And The Many

    It is hard to place a single definition on a topic as broad as the One and the Many. Many people interpret what it means and how it can be solved in a variety ways. As I researched this problem I came across a definition that became glued to my mind: the problem of the One and the Many is finding the balance between something being unified and differentiated. In this definition, a researcher is seeking the relationship between unity and diversity. Many early Philosophers believed that everything…

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  • Analysis Of The Accidental Universe By Alan Lightman

    Alan Lightman said “….we are haunted by the suspicion that what we see and understand of the world is only a tiny piece of the whole.” (Lightman, 2013, p. x). What can one say about science? There is so much we can state as fact and more than cannot be. How can a miracle be explained by scientific law? This is something that is touched on in the book The Accidental Universe by Alan Lightman. Lightman puts forth information on several universes that are as thought provoking as they are powerful.…

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  • Dynamic Nature Essay

    Let it first be assumed that the existence of the universe, as a complete entity, is absolute and static, for no permanent description can be made about its nature if said nature were dynamic, and even so its dynamic nature in itself would be a constant, making any other assumption im-possible in the first place. The notion that the state of the universe is variable depending on the perceiving it must also be rejected for the purposes of this paper, as, similarly to the aforemen-tioned…

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  • Analysis: Forever Unintelligible Gardner

    Page 15 of 18 Forever Unintelligible Gardner allows that humans have wonderful brains, that we can invent thinking machines, microscopes and any number of intelligence-enhancers, but he says there are still limits, hard limits. Just as "there is no way to teach calculus to a chimp, or even make it understand the square root of 2," he writes, "surely there are truths as far beyond our grasp as our grasp is beyond that of a cow." He concedes that once upon a time humans were chimp-like and over…

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  • The Eternal Champion Character Analysis

    being struggling to find balance in an unordered world. In this regard, he made the Eternal Champion character, who is the lead protagonist in most of his multiverse works. The different incarnations of the Eternal Champion appear in several of his series of novels that include Jerry Cornelius, The Dancers, Gloriana, Hawkmoon, Corum, and the most popular Elric. The first novel published in the series was the 1970 published titular…

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  • Jack Kirby And The Marvel Aestic Analysis

    English 204 Final: Question 1b In his essay Jack Kirby and the Marvel Aesthetic, Charles Hatfield credits Kirby for introducing an “epic approach to the superhero genre that was ‘mythic’ both in its scale an in its pantheonic complications” (149). Marvel’s comic book universe is a platform where writers can have characters from one narrative interact with anyone else in that universe. It opens up new possibilities for creative storytelling and can lead to large scale adventures with far reaching…

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  • Case Study: The Validity Of Perspectivism

    For example, there are many different Christian sects that have evolved since the time of Christ. Over the centuries, the premise of God and Jesus Christ as a savior of humanity may be a common “standard” for Christian ethics and morals, yet the Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalians, and other Christian sects have widely differing views of Christianity. Therefore, it is not a convincing argument that Plato’s God (or any God for that matter) is an absolute truth. More so, the modern…

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  • The Recurring Elements Of Blood In Macbeth By William Shakespeare

    represent new beginnings that have the opportunity to change what those before them did wrong? According to Macbeth, life is meaningless, which indicates that there really is no free will. If there were, life would have a direction, a collective navigation that ultimately reaches some omnipresent destination. Centuries later, Shakespeare’s fundamental questions resonate in life and philosophy. The universe may indeed have an end, possibly where gravity has been eclipsed by dark energy and matter…

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