The Problem Of The One And The Many

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It is hard to place a single definition on a topic as broad as the One and the Many. Many people interpret what it means and how it can be solved in a variety ways. As I researched this problem I came across a definition that became glued to my mind: the problem of the One and the Many is finding the balance between something being unified and differentiated. In this definition, a researcher is seeking the relationship between unity and diversity. Many early Philosophers believed that everything is interconnected. An example would be Leibniz who said "reality cannot be found except in one single source, because of the interconnection of all things with one another" (Leibniz, 1670). Then there were others who believed that it was unreasonable …show more content…
His theory was based on the concept of Apeiron. Anexmander described this as something that is everything and nothing at the same time; it is infinite and finite. Though this is a hard concept to understand, he believes the universe was created by something completely unattainable, something that cannot be defined by shape, size, color, odor, or any factor that is imaginable to the human. Given all of the theories I have researched, this one made the most sense to me. We do not completely understand the universe, nor do I believe we ever will. The universe is filled with endless questions; questions that will still need answering even after we are long gone. I believe the concept of Apeiron is well supported by Anexmander 's research and though it is not completely up-to-date with all of the knowledge we obtain now, I do believe it comes the closest.
In due time, Anaximenes came around to build off of Thales 's and Anaximander 's theories. Anaximenes claimed that the originating "stuff" is air. He makes an argument that due to all of air 's different properties make it more logical of an option. Henceforth, air changes its properties to create the universe and everything in it. Though his argument makes sense, I still find it hard to believe that air could create a rock out of nothing or that air can rarify itself and become
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When we formulate these ideas we only have the ideas of ourselves and the people around us to reflect on. Since we are all human, we can only see within our reality. Therefore, Apeiron is the indefinite "stuff" that we cannot reach because it is out of our reality. Unless we can lift our peripheral vision, which is our reality, then we may never be able to answer the problem of the One and the Many. The answer exists, but we are incapable of grasping it.
The universe is known as a singular thing yet there are so many things in the universe that make it up. Every "single" thing is made up of many other things. Along with the universe being many things it is also unattainable. It is an idea (the One). Yet, the things that make up the universe (the Many) are mostly tangible things. So how does that affect our fixation on the reality of the One and the Many? Our reality consists of more than just tangible things. By definition reality "is everything that is, has been, and will be whether it is observable or

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