Dynamic Nature Essay

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Let it first be assumed that the existence of the universe, as a complete entity, is absolute and static, for no permanent description can be made about its nature if said nature were dynamic, and even so its dynamic nature in itself would be a constant, making any other assumption im-possible in the first place. The notion that the state of the universe is variable depending on the perceiving it must also be rejected for the purposes of this paper, as, similarly to the aforemen-tioned misassumption on the universe’s dynamic nature, such a notion would not allow for the description of a single complete universe, for completeness entails that no other entity may ex-ist outside of what is complete which exercises influence upon it, the existence of such an entity necessitating that whatever is to be complete must also encompass the entity. The notion that the nature of the universe varies depending on the observer can be interpreted to repre-sent the …show more content…
It must then be so that each entity may possibly change, or be dynamic, in multiple ways, in any dimension below the second to highest, though only one of these possible manners of change may be experienced by the entity itself. Thus there exists a dimension of possible influ-ence for each entity, which is two above its dimension of existence, and one above its dimen-sion of experienced influence. Therefore, the second dimension and any below it must then not be the dimension of possible influence for any entity; similarly, the second to highest dimension must then only have one possible manner, or path of change, for it only has a dimension of ex-perienced influence, but no dimension of possible influence. The highest dimension must then be static, for there is no dimension at all above it which can act as its dimension of experienced

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