Albert Einstein : The Greatest Physicist Of The 20th Century Essay

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Albert Einstein, born on March 19th of 1879, was thought to have had a mental disorder as a child. Little did everyone know he would grow up to be known as the most influential physicist of the 21st century. He was born into a Jewish family and spent most of his childhood in Munich, Germany, before moving to Pavia, Italy with his family. His parents worried about him throughout his infant and toddler years, mainly because he looked odd after birth, having a large, misshapen head and he did not begin to talk until the age of four. It was within the next year of Albert´s life, his family realized how intellectually inclined he was at the young age of five. Einstein hated high school because it was so strict, which led him to be rebellious, despite the fact that he was highly intelligent. Throughout Einstein 's life, he wrote many papers, developed theories, and went above and beyond in the scientific world, which led to him being considered the greatest physicist of the 20th century. Albert Einstein lived a long life and despite the struggles he faces, he grew up to be a renowned physicist and known as one of the greatest scientists of all time due to his scientific discoveries. To begin, Albert Einstein 's parents were Hermann and Pauline Einstein. As said before, Albert´s family was very concerned about his health when he was a baby because of a couple of strange birth defects. Just a year after being born, Albert´s family decided to move from Ulm to Munich, where they…

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