Science And Christianity Research Paper

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The Compatibility of Science and Christianity

Do you believe that science and Christianity are compatible? If you aren't quite sure, this essay will help you to decide for yourself, as it includes the history of both science and Christianity, where science and Christianity stand alone from one another, and evidence of the compatibility of science and Christianity. “In order to analyze the relationship between science and religion, we need to define and characterize each domain. Many consider that religion offers a special kind of higher spiritual truth. They maintain that there are two truths: (1) the truths of science, employing the methods of scientific inquiry, and testing claims empirically, rationally, and experimentally; and (2) the
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The Jews consider Palestine the Promised Land. Christianity was born in the time period that was already rich with religious diversity. Christianity is the belief in Jesus Christ and his coming to Earth from Heaven, sent by God. The bible states that God sent Jesus as a human, given to the virgin, Mary. This event is considered a miracle to have a virgin give birth. Jesus’ mission was to die on the cross to save God’s people from punishment and sin. God sent his only son to be crucified for the people of God. Second, modern science was said to be discovered around the 16th or 17th century during the scientific revolution. The scientific side of this believes that time and matter were created as a result of an explosion bigger than a supernova. This theory is called the “Big Bang Theory”. Most scientists and philosophers believe that all of the universe’s mass was compressed into one small particle about the size of an atom. Scientists explain that as this “big bang” occurred, light was brought to the …show more content…
God created the universe for his own glory, and he wanted to share His life with others. His creation shows his glory, love, mercy, peace, wisdom, power, and goodness. Next, comparing the evidence of the compatibility of science and Christianity. The philosophers’ theory ties very closely to the Bible’s creation story that during the creation of the universe, God said, “Let there be light.” After that, there was light upon the entire universe. “Physicist Victor Stenger says the universe may be ‘uncaused’ and may have ‘emerged from nothing.’ Philosopher Bertrand Russell adopted this position in a debate on the existence of God. He said, ‘The universe is just here, and that's all’” (D’Souza). This question stumps both Christians and philosophers, because no one really knows for sure what was before time itself. Christians like to believe it was just Heaven alone. Philosophers like to believe that there was simply nothing before time. Even Charles Darwin, a world famous atheist, stated that “The mystery of the beginning of all things is insoluble by us; and I for one must be content to remain an

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