Cosmological constant

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  • Albert Einstein's Theory Of General Relativity

    been and are currently being developed. One group of theories contends that the value of this energy must be constant, meaning the acceleration is ubiquitous and isotropic across the universe. Contrarily, scalar field theories deem that the values are anisotropic, or the acceleration is variant throughout the universe; this suggests the idea that there may be some sort of fifth field or force producing the effect (Dynamics…

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  • Example Of The Cosmological Argument

    The cosmological argument aims to study the nature and order of the universe. “‘The world cannot come from nothing’. The idea here is that the existence of the universe demands a cause, reason, or explanation.” (Davis, 1993) It is also known as the first cause argument. The argument states that we can infer the existence of God from the universe. It is an a posteriori argument which starts at experience. Cosmological arguments are made from the viewpoint of observation. The cosmological…

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  • Mccloskey's Argumentative Analysis

    The existence of God has been debated throughout history. There are many arguments for the existence of God but there are two commonly-accepted arguments among theists: the cosmological argument and the teleological argument also known as the argument from design. In his article entitled “On Being an Atheist”, H.J. McCloskey attempts to refute each of these arguments. His stated purpose in the article is to provide reasons for atheism and to show that it is more comforting to be an atheist than…

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  • The Cosmological Argument For God's Existence

    The argument for God’s existence has remained a constant topic of conversation, and at the head of much controversy. An argument attempting to prove the existence of God can be found through the Cosmological Argument, known also by its informal name as the “first cause argument”. The argument raises the issue of a first cause and where all things in the universe originated. This issue serves importance by highlighting conflicts humanity faces when questioning the origin of all things, and…

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  • On Being An Atheist Argumentative Essay

    God’s existence has been a key topic of debate over the past couple of centuries. People argue either way very strongly, and many are not open to hearing the other side. When this topic is argued, there are two main arguments, the cosmological and teleological argument. In this article, “On Being an Atheist”, H.J. McCloskey argues against each of these views. He believes that without sure “proof” of God, we need to totally pitch the idea that God exists. If this were the case, many…

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  • Experimental Conditions Lab Report

    plot should look when reaction goes to completion. Did [Pb] approach a constant value? Behaviour of [Pb]-time plot indicates which samples to omit. Which α function best fit results? The origin of our two alpha functions has been derived and explained in the MTRL 359 Lab Manual, the mathematical significance of each function are as follows: The above equations are [15] and [21] respectively, where equation [15] is a description of the Diffusion Limited Rate Model and equation [21] is a…

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  • Aquinas Possibility And Necessity Analysis

    Necessity concludes by saying, “this all men speak of as God,” but it is not justified why this being would be defined as God. God is a conscious being but Aquinas’s argument does not provide reason why that first cause and necessary being must be conscious. In one of Aquinas’s works, the Summa Theologiae, he gives an assertion of the existence of God in which both the opponents and audience were familiar with the background and philosophical outlooks of the subject at hand. Some of these people…

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  • Bovine Serum Albumin

    blood. It binds different types of drugs for delivery to various parts of the body. One of these drugs is warfarin, a blood anticoagulant. This research project’s focus was on the interaction between BSA and warfarin derivatives; our assumption was that the protein binding site has different affinities for different warfarin derivatives; this was to be determined by comparing the equilibrium constants (Keq) and the Gibbs’ free energies of a number of warfarin derivatives. To study this, four…

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  • Criticisms Of Thomas Aquinas 'Causal Theist'

    Colton Clemens Dr. Mayra Valadez Philosophy 101 December 7, 2017 Causal Theist 1. Conclusion: Causal theists have adopted the belief that there is sufficient evidence to prove that a deity exists. They take most of their arguments directly from Thomas Aquinas, the original causal theist. 2. Premises: They believe that they have several solid pieces of evidence, but probably their strongest case comes in the form of Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica. a. One of the premises of causal theists…

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  • Thomas Aquinas The Existence Of God Analysis

    In an effort to argue for the existence of God, Saint Thomas Aquinas provides five cosmological arguments in his piece “The Existence of God”. The second argument he states examines causes and effects and looks to explain these series in regard to their beginning, or first cause (43:1-2). Aquinas says that the chain of causes and effects cannot go back to “infinity” (43:60) because when the first cause is taken out, so is its effect and every following effect (43:61). I find this claim plausible…

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