General relativity

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  • Why Is Britain's Lonely High-Flier

    1. Britain’s Lonely high-flier 1.(a) The article clearly points towards how Rolls-Royce evolved as a company, how it applied its production tactics efficiently suiting the market, how it handled its competitors to stay strong in the market, how it minimized cost & maximized profits & finally how it played the cards of globalization. Reading the article, one thing that strikes significantly is that it’s all about G of Production. As far as my understanding goes about G of Production, it’s all…

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  • Self Driving Phenomenon

    Group #2- Abu Thuhin, Jeffrey Leung, Jan Abdullah CIS 4910 The Self-Driving Phenomenon The phenomenon of self-driving cars is set to make impeccable changes to the day-to-day life of people both on a social and economic level. Self-driving cars have gained much popularity, due to strides by companies such as Google and Tesla. However, it has caused much debate in terms of legislation, safety, and jobs. It will continue to make major changes in safety standards and will affect millions of…

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  • What Is Tesla's Corporate Social Responsibility

    2003. Another difference is how each company has viewed corporate social responsibility, as Tesla and Patagonia have structured their companies on a vision that projects these goals and General Mills has not always made that a top priority. This is explored in the case study using the example from 2003 with General Mills and GMO in their products and supply chain. They have however lead on other issues regarding corporate social responsibility, as their water initiative has helped lead other…

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  • General Motors Turnaround

    6. The turnaround post the bankruptcy and suggestions General motors had faced the issue in 2008 because of the downturn in its sale and went on for bankruptcy. Company had made turnaround since then and within five years of huge equity infusion by the US government, company had come out of crisis. In 2009, company was on the verge of being liquidated and was set to be closed. But it made a turnaround by restructuring itself. At that time, there also a fear that no one would like to buy a car…

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  • Leaf Spring Case Study

    arc-like element. It is then attached to the rear axle, and the chassis provides an additional weight that is added to the vehicle, preventing the axle from buckling and braking from a very high mass that was not originally designed to carry. The general purpose of the leaf spring is to…

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  • Toyota Case Analysis

    In 28 August 1937, a Japanese automotive manufacturer was founded – Toyota. Sakichi Toyoda was the founder of Toyota Company. Before Toyota was founded, the Japanese based on imported trucks during the war in Manchuria. During the era of Great Depression, Japanese realised that local production would reduce costs, provide jobs, and brings up the country’s economy. By 1936, just after the first Toyoda vehicles was produced, Japan authority restrict that any car dealer in the country needed to…

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  • Smart Car Case Study

    The auto industry has seen a lower than expected growth in the first half of 2015, however the market counties to climb in the second half fueled by job creation, lower interest rates and consumer awareness in the developed countries. The market has seen a strong 8% y/y growth in the Western European markets however a mixed performance in the Asian markets was seen considering the plunge in the stock markets and the falling fuel price. The Asian markets remains volatile considering the sheer…

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  • Case Study Of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

    About Author: Robin Sharma is the author of “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”. Robin has a Canadian nationality but has Indian ethnicity. He is the author of 12 global best-selling books. He is a former litigation Lawyer. He is considered as one of the best management gurus across the globe. His notable works include “The Leader who has no title”, “Who will cry when you die” etc. He wrote 15 books till now and every novel got good reputation. Sharma is ranked among top 10 leadership expert and was…

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  • Case Study Of Toyota's Entry Strategy In Europe

    We will analyse Toyota’s entry strategy in international markets with the example of Europe. In early 1960s, Toyota imported its first car to Europe and signed its first distributor agreement in Denmark in 1963. This it obtain distributors in Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Swiss, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Austria. Gradually, its exports to Europe grew rapidly from 13 units in 1960 to 59 thousand units in 1970. Toyota captured a niche market in this period. Europe has become Toyota’s…

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  • Case Study Warner Body Works

    Assignment2 Submitted to: Submitted by: Dr. Bashir Ahmad Anas Siddiqui (16-10711) Course: BUSN 321(B) Fall 2014 No of attached pages (10) Warner Body Works Case 35: Dividend Policy Case Summary: Warner Body Works has been known as the leading producer of custom coachwork for automobiles, delivery trucks and other special purposes vehicles. In order to increase their business…

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