General relativity

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  • Kepler's 3 Laws Research Paper

    1. What are Kepler’s 3 Laws. Explain each law in detail and why it is important in astronomy. (3 pts) Kepler’s Three Laws that everything orbits the sun. The first law is that everything orbits the sun, all the planets orbit in the ecliptic of the sun which clear up a lot of the problems with the tycho model in retrograde motion. Ellipses. The second law is equal areas in equal times. Equal Areas. And the third law is the mathematical relationship equating distance from the sun, average…

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  • Kinetics Of A Rigid Body Study Guide

    body that undergoes planar motion can be referenced to its mass center.It includes a scalar sum of its translational and rotational kinectic energies. Translation : mv2G Rotation about a fixed axis : mv2G IG Or IO General Plane Motion: mv2G IG Or T=1/2 IIC 2 Which states that the particles ‘s initial kinectic energy plus the work…

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  • The Hohmann Transfer Models Used In Space Travel

    Introduction One thing that sets us apart from other species is our determination to quench our curiosity. For centuries, scientists and philosophers have done everything in their power to explore the depths of space. And now, in this day and age we are at a point where the far fetched dreams of those before us are no longer as impossible as they seem. It excites me that in the near future I may witness incredible feats being reached in space travel. Thus, I chose to garner a better…

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  • Cosmological Theory

    To most people around the world today may just seem like another day in the 13th century, however here in Italy today marks a significant discovery and the first time that the cosmological has been made famous within society. Although we have been told that the concept has been around since Plato and Aristotle, it is not until now that it has been made famous around the world and in Western philosophy. Today marks the day St Thomas Aquinas declared their theory for Gods existence, which has…

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  • Phosphorus = Hesperus Summary

    and also it was an astronomical discovery 2. Statement 3 “Phosphorus = Hesperus” is a trivial statement that can be understood without any logic work at all. The two statements are particularly interesting because although statement one is referring to one object and statement two is referring two objects but in fact they are referring to the same identical object. What Frege was able to take away from this argument is that each singular term can have multiple understandings. Ferge proposed two…

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  • Motion: Newton's Three Laws Of Motion

    Newton’s 3 laws of Motion 1. If a body is as rest it remains at rest or, if it is in motion, it moves with uniform velocity, until it is acted on by a resultant force. 2. Acceleration is dependent on the forces acting upon an object and the mass of the object. Therefore, if the force is increased, the acceleration is increased. And the more mass the object has, the more acceleration decreases. So the resultant force (F) is equal to mass (m) times acceleration (a) (F = ma). 3. For every action,…

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  • Summary Of Pais's Essay What Happened In Copenhagen

    In Abraham Pais’s article, “What Happened in Copenhagen?: A Physicist's View and the Playwright's Response,” Pais argues the historical accuracy of Michael Frayn’s 1998 play, Copenhagen. Frayn’s play depicts a meeting that took place in 1941 between prominent physicist Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. The play takes place is the Nazi occupied Denmark, and sheds light on the political issues both men are facing. Following Pais’s dispute regarding small details of the play, Frayn then gives his…

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  • Vela Rani Research Paper

    Background Gravity/Freefall: Every object on the Earth’s surface is pulled towards the center of the earth by the force of Gravity. Gravity causes all objects in Freefall to accelerate downwards at the same rate, regardless of the object’s mass. On Earth, acceleration due to gravity is constant of 9.81m/s^2. Therefore on Earth when air resistance is not present, all objects fall at the same acceleration of 9.81m/s^2. However, on the planet Vela Rani, the value of acceleration due to gravity is…

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  • The Four Elements In Hayy's Cosmology

    Hayy developed a cosmology to portray how he understood the world through the use of observation, speculation, and comparison, without it he would have never discovered how interconnected the universe was. Hayy understands the world in a way that is similar to Copernicus and the rest of previous scientists. His theory of the world stemmed from developments that took place over 28 years in seven-year increments (Ibn Ṭufayl 1150, pg. 128). Hayy understood the world through the basis of the four…

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  • Malala Heroism

    Are heroes always the ones with super powers? Do they always have to have laser vision? Are they always the ones with flying powers? Are they always the ones on TV, newspapers, and magazines? Many people believe that heroes have powers, but what they do not know is that they are average people all around society. They do little things that people take advantage of and do not get any recognition for it. Heroes do special things for people and many things to make the world better. Though leading…

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