How Big Bang Theory Was Formed

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Did you ever think on how the universe ever started ? It all started in total darkness. An astronomer named Edwin Hubble found out that the galaxies were moving farther away, he knew that by a telescope that he created and it is called the hubble telescope. When the universe exploded it began to spread really quickly and when it exploded the universe had a very high temperature when this happened. Which created formation of elements ,gravity,redshift ,doppler effect,CMB, many more .

The big bang theory expanded in a trillion of a second when it exploded with a bunch of light rays came shooting out with brightness. The galaxies were formed by hydrogen and helium which began to help create matter. At half the universe age it began to enlarge at a increasing rate,and at that time the universe was cooled down. Which the dark energy made this cause this acceleration.
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This was named after Christian Doppler in 1842. For example, think of a race car speeding as fast as it can the frequency level would be high, so the sound would be closer and louder. As you see the race car slowing down the frequency level is low, so the wavelength looks more spreaded out. The color of the rainbow also affects this by red meaning long and blue meaning short.

Did you ever wonder what scientists use to actually see the figures in space or how they give more detail in a image ? CMB stands for cosmic microwave background. What that does is scientist use it as a filter to see specific types of things in space .The cosmic microwave background gives more details about the universe. Redshift shows how the universe had come together at some point,and this shows before it was

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