General relativity

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  • Laughter In Anthropocene: Solution Or Injustice?

    Armine Maghakyan Maghakyan 1 Robert Savino Oventile English 1 C 28 September 2017 Laughter in Anthropocene: solution or ignorance? For almost twelve thousand years, our planet lived in an analogously stable epoch named Holocene by the scientists (McNeill and Engelke 1). Holocene (entirely new) period is impressively…

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  • Lucid Dream Theory

    Imagine that you are in a world where you can control everything. Flying, apparition, transforming into any form, deciding what happen next, massacre or resurrecting, all these things can be done simply by idiodynamics . Is it a world far from reality? In fact, some people could spend nearly one third of a day in such a world which is called lucid dreams. In a lucid dream, dreamers are aware that they are dreaming and then, if they are skilled enough, control the dream. Lucid dream is a vital…

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  • Brave New World Future

    Introduction: Have you ever predicted what life would be like in the future? In the book Brave New World, Aldous Huxley did just that. A lot of the predictions from this book has actually happened or is starting to happen in our time period. Things like fake happiness and family break ups are occurring more and more and although we have not gotten completely to the point of where the characters in the book got to we may not be far behind them in getting there. Analysis Portion: Aldous Huxley…

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  • The Importance Of Contronomy In Ancient Greek Astronomy

    While many concepts on astronomy of the ancient Greeks are no longer relevant, many of their ideas were used to guide astronomers today in establishing concepts more valid. The ancient Greeks had no clear division of science and philosophy. Neither did they have separate and developed fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. The formerly deficient range of information the ancient Greeks had, allowed an individual to become an expert in several fields whereas nowadays, there is…

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  • Frost At Midnight Analysis

    Within “Frost at Midnight,” Samuel Coleridge validates the importance of self-reflection through solitude. Coleridge creates a scenic image of the world around the speaker during the time of his solitude. During his time alone, the speaker reflects about his childhood and the aspiration he has for the infant child sleeping in the cottage. The importance of solitude demonstrated in “Frost at Midnight” by the feelings the speaker has, the time intervals from present to past, and the speaker’s…

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  • Acceleration Of Gravity

    In this experiment the main goal is to examine the correlation between position, velocity, time, and acceleration of objects, moving in one or two dimensions. Each and every experiment will be conducted under different conditions. For example, the first experiment requires a constant force (gravity) to act on the object, the picket fence. This experiments other condition is that we neglect friction. This object should be in nearly ideally circumstances. In the second experiment, the conditions…

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  • NASA Space Mission

    For over 55 years, humans have been flying in space. With an understanding of evolution, it has always been assumed that human bodies have adapted to the gravitational force found here on Earth. The space station and the shuttle that most NASA astronauts will stay in orbits 350 km above Earth, with a gravitational pull 90% stronger than it is on the ground (NASA Space Bones). Giancoli describes objects orbiting the Earth as feeling weightless because they are, in essence, free falling towards…

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  • Why Is Lego The Most Ingenious Toy In The World?

    In the chapter “Democritus, Sophie is asked “Why is Lego the most ingenious toy in the world?”(Gaarder 44). This question then leads to the philosopher, Democritus, who is known for the atom theory. Alike the structure of legos, he believed all atoms that made up the universe were “eternal, immutable, and indivisible”(Gaarder 45). Furthermore, Democritus believed all atoms were firm and solid and were all different. Since they were all different, he thought they could join together and form all…

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  • Epistemology In The Film Inception

    1.0 Introduction “Well, dreams, they feel real while we’re in them, right? It’s only when we wake up then we realize that something was actually strange” (McCateer, 2010). Inception is a science-fiction movie, which was produced and directed by Christopher Nolan in 2010. ‘Inception’ as a concept refers to the situation when you plant an idea in someone’s mind without his or her knowledge of it happening (Rivera, 2012). The movie explores the ability to differentiate dreams from reality (Malcolm…

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  • A Beautiful Mind Plot

    Plot of the Movie A Beautiful Mind is a biographical movie shot in 2001 by an American director Ron Howard. It is based on the story of the American mathematician John Nash, who was a Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics. The main actor Russell Crowe, starring as the professor J. Nash, is the promising scientist that demonstrates success in mathematics. He wins the famous scholarship at Princeton University (Lee, 2009), where he creates interesting concepts. Meanwhile, Nash starts working for the…

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