A Beautiful Mind Plot

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Plot of the Movie A Beautiful Mind is a biographical movie shot in 2001 by an American director Ron Howard. It is based on the story of the American mathematician John Nash, who was a Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics. The main actor Russell Crowe, starring as the professor J. Nash, is the promising scientist that demonstrates success in mathematics. He wins the famous scholarship at Princeton University (Lee, 2009), where he creates interesting concepts. Meanwhile, Nash starts working for the Pentagon, namely, for the worker of the U.S. Department of Defense William Parcher. His assignments involve cracking of the Soviet coded telecommunication system (Smith, 2011). This job makes him obsessive, as he has to look for encrypted codes in newspapers …show more content…
These features are the result of his poor communication skills: he is much delved into science and reading, and it affects his way of socializing. Hence, he prefers to avoid interacting with people (Smith, 2011). Moreover, Nash is tough-talking and insensitive to others. He does not realize when he offends people and speaks too much about things unclear and too complicated for a common person.
For instance, when Nash starts conversation with an unknown girl at a bar, he proves his communicative incompetence. He does not know what to say to the girl, and she takes a lead in their talk. Afterwards, he only worsens situation and speaks using scientific words about primitive things. Nash does not understand that it is not a good means of making acquaintance with the young woman and offers her not to waste time and to start an “exchange of bodily fluids” (Grazer & Howard,
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Nevertheless, during the Nobel Prize Award ceremony, he emphasizes that only love can save a man: “Love conquers all” (Grazer & Howard, 2001). The wife and her love really helps John Nash save life and sound mind. Despite all hallucinations, Nash remains with the family that provides all necessary conditions for his recovery. Although he is rather insensitive, he realizes significance of the family and love. Nash’s surroundings and family’s spirituality positively influence him. Speaking of the environment that affects Nash, his hard studies at Princeton, difficulties in socializing, and obsessive love for mathematics and numbers may cause deterioration of symptoms. Too much pressure at university causes anxiety, and new people around him contribute to his discomfort. Lastly, a period of the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States of America forms the unstable and worrisome atmosphere that disturbs

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