Examples Of Communication In The Marty Movie

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The way we use Communication through the day is uncanny, we use it to read people, to express ourselves and also to understand someone expressing themselves towards us. In the Marty film, we learn all about how communication is used In the life of a 36 year old man and how he acts with his mother, his firmed a, and the girl he meets on a lonely night.
Relationships developments are a process of time, it 's not something that shouldn 't be forced. it starts that starts with Contact; the point when you meet someone, next is Involvement; the part where the relationships develops, after is Intimacy, we reach the point when one is honest and open. Next, some relationships reach Deterioration, the point where relationships start to fizzle, which
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The way Marty talked about himself during the movie express how he really felt about himself. "You don 't like her. My mother don 't like her. She 's a dog and I 'm a fat, ugly man. Well, all I know is I had a good time last night. I 'm gonna have a good time tonight." "So it doesn 't matter if you look like a gorilla. You see, dogs like us, we ain 't such dogs as we think we are." The way other people treated Marty also affected the way he saw himself. When the movie first started there was some woman asking him he would get married making him feel bad by comparing him to all his younger brothers and sisters who were already married. All throughout the movie, friends and family members would always ask when he was going to get a girl and despite him trying to ignore them as the film went on you could see the look in Marty 's eyes as he knew he would call girls and they were interested in him. During a talk with his mother Marty snapped after his mom kept saying to go to the dance and him not wanting to due to the fact that he already gave up on relationships, saying he looks like a bug and claiming there is a point in every man 's life when they reach a point where it just won 't happen. After snapping and giving up deciding to go to the ballroom, Marty sat back in the chair and continued to eat, making a joke comparing girls with potatoes, taking a closer look this

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