Relational Communication In The Film 'When Harry Met Sally'

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Analysis of Relational Communication Portrayed in Film



Relational communication entails the process of communication in personal relationships. Personal relationships, according to this theory include romantic relationships, relationships related to the family and friendships. The research of the movie ‘When Harry met Sally’ examines the romantic and friendship, relationships existing between the two main characters in the movie. The role of communication in this movie is used in developing, maintaining and dissolving relationships. The impacts of communication in this movie are also well explained and how the communication skills affects relationships or the main
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Trust was the base of the relationship between Sally and Harry. In this movie most of the time is spent in showing how harry and sally conflicted with each other. Although they conflicted a lot, this showed their personalities and their different way of thinking. I strongly believe that these conflicts laid a base of knowing each other before they started building a strong relationship. When they first met, harry and sally were travelling from Chicago to New York, where they both realized they had so little in common. This was shown when they started arguing about the dark sides of each other. Harry in his argument with sally said that when he buys a book, he simply read the last page to know how everything ends. This shows that he believes that there is death. He displays a lot of honesty as part of his personality by leading the dialogue between him and Sally. However, Sally sees him in a different angle as being very uncomfortable and a rude person. Even though it took a lot of time for sally to open up to harry, she shows a lot of openness and the emotional side of herself which led both of them to sleep together. Before they slept together, Harry was asking sally about her sex life. This shows that harry was physically attracted to sally from the beginning, which, is shown by the part when he says that guys and girls can’t be friends. Sally monitored herself from the beginning of their relationship since she didn’t tell harry anything which as personal to her. She had a very straight forward personality. As the movie progresses, she becomes more open when talking to harry showing that she was starting to feel more comfortable as their social relationship became more deep in the movie. Sally finds herself becoming more open when talking to

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