Interpersonal Communication In The Film When Harry Met Sally

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When Harry Met Sally The film "When Harry Met Sally" is from 1989, throughout the movie the audience is presented with a variety of relationships. Two specific couples that will be analyzed are Sally and Harry, Marie and Jess. Unlike modern films, this movie contains an immense amount of interpersonal communication within the characters. Moreover, two topics that will be covered are is the Social Penetration Model and relational maintenance. The first couple that will be analyzed is Harry Burns and Sally Albright which are the main characters in the film. The idea paired to this couple will be the Social Penetration Model, it is defined as "a model that describes relationships in terms of their breadth and depth" (89). Within the film I …show more content…
In the textbook, relational maintenance is defined as “communication aimed at keeping relationships operating smoothly and satisfactorily” (277). Initially, Harry was trying to hook up Jess and Sally, and Sally was trying to hook up Marie with Harry. As the four were eating dinner, Marie and Jess quickly became interested with each other, they completely blocked off Harry and Sally. Moreover, as they were walking home, Jess took a cab and Marie went with him without thinking twice, four months later Marie and Jess are living together. There is a scene where Marie and Jess are having a conversation about a wagon coffee table, Marie dislikes the table and thinks it is ugly, a few minutes later Jess is throwing out the table. This scene portrays Jess ' attempt to satisfy Marie, and that works for their relationship, they are happy. When Sally and Harry call Jess and Marie, they confess that they slept together and it was a mistake. Marie and Jess attempt to comfort their friends, but as they hang up Marie asks Jess “tell me I never have to be out there again” referring to her seeking other people; Jess hugs Marie and answers “you will never have to be out there again” sometime passes and they are off to their wedding. Even though the audience is not given enough information about Marie and Jess, this couple is very well maintained, they both love each other and remain happy with one another. The audience does not see many problems within this couple, I believe no barriers were built, but bridges were made. They created a strong relationship with each other and remained loving, they are also always there for Harry and

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