Interpersonal Relationship Analysis: The Break-Up

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The Breakup

Every relationship is a one of a kind. Couples communicate differently, they go through different stages, and they have different expectations of each other. As communication is a big part of how relationships are, it is important for couples to focus on how they do it. Scholars have developed some theories that could be applied in the way communication is done in relationships. These theories could talk about couples coming together, their expectations of each other, or maybe about couples breaking up. The movie The Break-Up shows one kind of how relationships could go. The interpersonal relationship between Gary Grobowski (Vince Vaughn) and Brooke Meyers (Jennifer Aniston) was mostly showing breaking up stages. Many interpersonal
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Brooke worked at an art gallery. One night, they were having some family over for dinner. Brooke was doing all of the cooking and cleaning while Gary would not help in anything. After the guests left, they were arguing about the dishes and how Gary does not offer to help. Arguments and tension developed, and many problems were brought up, until Brooke broke up with Gary. Both Brooke and Gary were talking to their friends about what happened and their friends were telling them that they made the right decision by breaking up. Afterwards, they were both doing indirect actions to upset each other. What Brooke wanted was for Gary to apologize, she did not want to breakup with him. Gary did not know that and thought Brooke really wanted to break up with him. They were avoiding being around each other, until they once had to because they were having friends over. They started fighting in front of their friends, so their friends decided to get involved ad solve the problem. They suggested selling the condo and moving out. After Brooke was trying very hard to get Gary to want her back, he was still not getting what she wanted. They finally talked and she told him what she really wanted, after she invited him to a concert and he did not show up. Brooke decided to finally move on and face the truth, while Gary finally realized he wanted her back. When he told her so, it was too late. They moved out, and saw each …show more content…
According to Schutz, it consists of three basic needs, which are inclusion, control, and affection. The need of inclusion is our need to belong, feel worthwhile and connected. Inclusion suggests the need of acceptance from others, and it is expressed by showing interest or seeking recognition and responsibility. Control is the level of our effect in the relationship. It is the need for one to control or be controlled. Some actions that one could take to show this type of need is by asking help from others or telling others about issues to be considered. The last one is the need for affection, which is the need of feeling loved and liked. Closeness is what is wanted from others, and it is expressed by listening and sharing feelings with

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