Night Beth And Tom Play Analysis

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This drama is set in modern day in Connecticut. This plays plot is concentrated on the demise of the relationship between Beth and Tom. It begins off as you can imagine at dinner. Karen and Gabe who are happily married with two children invite their friend Beth and Tom over for dinner. However when the night arrives only Beth attends dinner. At which time she spills the beans that Tom is leaving her for another women. Karen and Gabe are brokenhearted as they thought they would grow old as couples. Karen gets upset and sides with beth. Meanwhile Gabe keeps an open mind that there may be more to the story after all Tom is their friend too. Later that night Beth is getting ready for bed when Tom returns home. He figures out by the way beth is acting that she told their friends this makes him angry. Tom is angry because he knows beth will slant the story in her favor. Tom drives over in the middle of a snowstorm to save his friendships. Then in Act 2, Scene One they flashback to Tom and Beth’s first meeting at this time it isn’t really love at first site but we find out something important. Tom introduces us to an idea that will follow throughout the rest of the play when he says, “Gee, it’s really …show more content…
The couples are direct opposites of each other. Karen and Gabe are in love and their relationship is thriving where Tom and Beth on a downward spiral. Beth I would say is the most secretive of all the characters and perhaps the most manipulative. Karen is the more judgmental of the characters as she is quick to take sides with Beth and write off Tom. Gabe is the most open as he try not to shun Tom and Beth for their mistakes. Tom is the most honest we see this with the way he willing to expose his faults in the marriage. I believe that Karen fault is that she wants her friends to be as happy as she is without taking into account that happiness isn’t seen the same by each

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