Civic Engagement Essay

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Growing up in my household, the motto was “contribution”. My mother would make my siblings and I help her with the cooking and the cleaning around the house. I use to be envious of my peers because they did nothing to help out in their household, but as I had begun to age, I realized it was a method to my mother’s madness. She taught me that everyone must work together to accomplish a goal no matter what the situation may be. I believe that is why I have always valued teamwork and enjoyed group projects.
Another person that has informed my personal values is my long-time track coach, Derek Thompson. Although the many successes in my life was a team effort between my family and my coach, I accredit many of my most important values to my coach.
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Through those civic engagement experiences, I am hoping positively impact as many lives possibly can to contribute to the university’s goal “to become to the most civically engaged university in the United States”. Also, after my time at Drexel, I want to work with children who are economically unstable and/or children with mental disorders. I hope my program will provide a great education for children who normally would not be able to afford it. The goal of my program is to close the gap of economically and uneconomically when it comes to education. I believe education is an inalienable right; the level of your education should not rely on your economic or social status. At fist, my impact will be local, but as my program grow, it will be national and then hopefully international. As I mentioned before, education should be an alienable right, so someone in my profession (education) should attempt to create more programs that involve peer mentoring or tutoring programs. Although there are many programs that exist there needs to be more! Too many children do not have the support they need to succeed and pursue higher levels of education, so having an increase in mentor/ tutor programs will hopefully have a positive impact on more children. By ensuring every child has support, guidance, and education, my

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